Saturday, August 7, 2010

Edu Falaschi tells about "Lease Of Life"

Source : Edu Falaschi Official Website

In relation with the upcoming official release of the new Angra’s album Aqua (Agust 11th – Japan, August 17 – Brazil) Edu Falaschi revealed a few details about one of the new songs – a ballad Lease Of Life. This track has been already broadcasted via Kiss FM radiostation in Brazil, and it has got a very good response of the fans. The comment was originally presented during interactive session organized by MS Metal Press for Angra’s Orkut Community.

"I’m very pleased to have an opportunity to share this space with you, especially at this very important moment when the release of our new album is so close! It has been done with a lot of care and love!

Well, it’s time to talk about the song Lease Of Life which has been already presented in Brazil by the radio KISS FM.

I composed this song using only the piano. In the beginning, I created the main idea which is sounding during the whole song. Then I improvised until I got all the instrumental parts completed, and in the end I wrote the refrain. Interestingly, it appears only in the final part of the song.

I think that it makes the whole thing more attractive, the song is getting more and more dramatic towards the end exploding in the Grand Finale which is full of emotions and romanticism.

According to the whole tale ("The Tempest, by William Shakespeare), this song is the love story of Miranda, the daughter of Prospero and Ferdinando. I believe that this song is one of the best ballads that I’ve ever created. It’s quite matured and it has pretty interesting arrangements, besides the refrain melody which I like the most in this song.

Thanks to everyone here for all the support!"

Edu Falaschi

** "Lease Of Life" (source : kiss Fm radio)

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