Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Edu Falaschi tells about "Aqua" release in Japan, today

From Official Edu Falaschi website :

In relation with Japanese release of the 7th studio album of Angra “Aqua”, the frontman of the band came up with greeting to the Japanese fans. Japan is a very important part of the world for Angra and Edu. The band got its very first success right in this country, and both Angra and its vocalist received many awards there. Japan also recognized another band of Edu, Almah. Like the day begins in Japan, the new Angra’s CD meets the light of day there today, earlier than in any other country in the world. The album is released by JVC VICTOR, you can check it here:

“Hi dudes! I’m here to say that I’m really proud to release the new Angra´s album, Aqua, firstly in Japan! I hope everybody can have the opportunity to hear it! It took all our best efforts to make this album! And we are pretty sure that we made a very important album for our career! “Aqua” has many different elements and it’s an album for intelligent and open-minded metal fans! Angra works at each album in different ways. This time we have a very nice concept about the last play of Shakespeare, The Tempest. It allowed me to make a dramatic interpretation with the intention to put the people inside the story’s atmosphere. I’m sure that all the Japanese fans will notice it. Thanks for all the support over the years! I really love you all!
See you soon at Loud Park festival where I will scream a lot in super high tunes just for the most traditional power metal fans!!! LOL!!! ”

Edu Falaschi.

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