Saturday, August 21, 2010

Edu Falaschi / Angra, Pocket Show Manifesto Bar: set-list and pics

Here are set-list and pics of Angra's acoustic pocket show at Manifesto Bar (São Paulo, Brazil) on past August 19 !

According to Whiplash website, the show was "short, but the presentation was impeccable" !

** Set-list :

- Wishing Well
- Heroes of Sand
- Arising Thunder
- Bleeding Heart
- Nova Era
- Lullaby for Lucifer
- Late Redemption
- Rebirth

** Pics from the great Brazilian photographer Alexandre Cardoso (to watch all the pics in full size, visit the gallery of Alexandre Cardoso on Flickr) :

** Pics from another great Brazilian photographer, Danilo Palange (from ObaOba website)

More pics on Angra French Blog

For more news : Alexandre Cardoso on Flickr / Danilo Palange on ObaOba / Whiplash