Sunday, July 31, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Angra : Festival do Verão in Macapá (Brazil)

Angra plays today at Festival do Verão at Sambódramo in Macapá (Brazil) from 9h00 pm (Brazilian time) !

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Angra : Porão do Rock 2011 in Brasília (Brazil)

Angra plays today at Porão do Rock 2011 at Ginásio Nilson Nelson in Brasília (Brazil) from 11h00pm (Brazilian time) !

For this show, Marcelo Barbosa (Almah, Khallice) replaces Kiko Loureiro, absents for family reasons.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Almah : ForCaos & Armazem Do Som Festivals : pics gallery

Check out some Almah's pics at ForCaos Festival (Fortaleza Brazil, 19-22/07/11) and Armazen Do Som Festival (Juazeiro do Norte , Brazil, 23/07/11) on and off stage !

These pics were taken by fans and the band !

**Edu Falaschi / Almah on stage :

** Edu Falaschi / Almah off stage :

More pics on Almah French Official Blog !

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Edu Falaschi : Classic Cover Night in Teresina (Brazil)

From Edu Falaschi Official Website / MS Metal Press :

The lead singer of the bands Almah and Angra Edu Falaschi, will perform for the first time in Teresina (Brazil) on July 24th from 8h00 pm (Brazilian Time) in one of the most representative bars of local scene : the Planeta Diário.

With the band Madhouse, Edu Falaschi will perform some of the major rock / metal world standards. "It will be great to come again in Teresina, especially after a big show made in the city with Angra. For this night at Planeta Diário, I have prepared a special set-list including some hits from the bands that influenced my career. See you there ..." said the artist.

Edu Falaschi - Classic Cover Night (Teresina)
Venue: Planeta Diário
Date: July 24
Time: 8h00 pm
Address: Rua Aviador Irapuã Rocha, 1261 - Jockey Club
Town : Teresina/PI (Brazil)

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Almah : Armazem Do Som Festival in Juazeiro do Norte (Brazil)

Almah plays today at Armazen Do Som Festival at SESC Juazeiro do Norte (Rua da Matriz, N227 Centro ) in Juazeiro do Norte / CE (Brazil) from 7h00 pm (Brazilian time) !

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Almah : ForCaos Festival in Fortaleza (Brazil)

Almah plays today at ForCaos Festival at Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura in Fortaleza / CE (Brazil) from 11h30 pm (Brazilian time) !

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Edu Falaschi / Almah : pocket show in Fortaleza, pics and videos

** Here are some Almah's pics before and during the pocket show at CCBNB in Fortaleza on last July 19th :

** Video Almah "Birds Of Prey" :

You can check out another video of the song "Birds Of Prey " here :

** Video Almah "Children Of Lies" :

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Edu Falaschi : workshop in Fortaleza (Brazil)

Edu Falaschi gives today a workshop as part of ForCaos Festival, at Acervo Imaginário (Rua José Avelino, 226 - Praia de Iracema) in Fortaleza (Brazil), from 7h30 pm (brazilian time) !

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