Saturday, February 28, 2009

Almah at Grito Rock Fest in Araraquara (São Paulo, Brazil)

Almah is the main attraction of the Grito Rock Festival in Araraquara (São Paulo, Brazil) tonight from 22h00 (Brazilian time).

Here's the official press release :

"For 2009, the organization decided to dare a little more with inviting as main attraction the national metal band Almah, formed by musicians already recognized in the famous band Angra, Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli. To complete the cast of 2 009, the bands Dream Vision Araraquara-SP and Keys Of The Ligh, São Paulo-SP. "

For more news : Hora Alegre, Grito Rock Fest

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Edu Falaschi France on MS Metal Press

MS Metal Press (Edu Falaschi's and Almah's press agent) published an article about the launching of the Edu Falaschi's official French website : Edu Falaschi France.

Thanks to MS Metal Press and Eduardo Macedo for their thoughtfulness!

Here is a translation of the article :

"Edu falaschi launches his official French website

The singer Edu Falaschi, Almah’s and Angra ‘s bands singer, was recently rewarded with the launching of its official website in france. Managed by the team which is working with the artist in Europe, the new site gives all the informations about the great career of the singer, especially in its works with Almah and Angra, and his way as one of the most important singers of the world-wild scenario."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Edu Falaschi's interview for Darkside e-zine, last part

Here is the last part of the Edu's Falaschi interview from Darkside e-zine !

Interview by Ksenia on Darkside e-zine.
A special thanks to Irina, the Almah Russia's webmaster for the link !

First part

Following of the interview :

"Ksenia : And what about you? What will happen if tomorrow Angra will come back and Almah will again turn into your side project? Aren’t you afraid of this?

Edu Falaschi : Actually I don’t have one main band, and I spoke to the Angra guys, we had a meeting in December, and they said, “O’k, we’re gonna come back in 2009”. And I said, “O’k, very nice, I love Angra, I like to go to Russia again, and then with Angra everything is very beautiful, I love to go to Russia with Angra again, to meet Ksenia again” (laughs). But Almah is growing up, Almah has a future, Almah has objectives in a short time – I want to do it so. The main idea is to work together, but of course Angra is bigger than Almah, it’s natural and moreover Almah is a new band. I am famous, Felipe is famous, but the name Almah itself is new. We rally work a lot to make more concerts, to make more albums, so it would take more time, but Angra is a big band, with a big history, so I can’t compete with Angra and with Angra’s history. And actually I don’t have one main priority, I just have time, for me it’s just a matter of time. So if Angra stops, I will be working with Almah, if Angra comes back and if I need to work more with Almah, I’ll tell the Angra guys to wait, because I have to conclude everything in Almah, and then I will come back to Angra. But actually we released the Almah album in September, and we did some promotions in October, November, in December and January we gave concerts in Brazil. Of course I’d like to play in Europe, but Europe is getting more and more difficult to reach for the new bands. Hopefully I will be able to go to Europe and Japan with Almah. For me this album sounds like the first Almah album, I consider it the first Almah album, because it’s the first album that we recorded as a band. Maybe I can go to Europe in April, because we have some people inviting us there. So I will tell to Angra guys, “O’k, I want to go to Europe with Almah, and then I’ll come back and start working for Angra.”

Ksenia : So, now Almah is your top-priority?

Edu Falaschi : Yes, absolutely, but still when Angra comes back, Angra will be my top-priority. Angra stopped, and I got involved into another thing which became my top-priority, yes, but when it comes back, I will pay Angra much attention. But I wanna say that I have these two bands and I’m not gonna make or create ant other projects, these two are quite enough for me. I have a lot of things to do and I want once to have Almah and Angra, and that’s it.

Ksena : When Angra performed in Moscow in March, 2007, nobody could imagine that there were some problems in the band. Almost a year later we got to know that there were some problems with management, that the setting was iron-hot, and even at the beginning of the tour there was a battle among musicians. In what moment did the situation get out of control? And what steps did you make to get out of this crisis?

Edu Falaschi : I was pretty new in Angra, because I joined the band in 2000, and about in 2002 we were very sad, because of the problems with the manager, but then we said, “O’k, we have a great future with Angra, let’s forget everything!” But in the course of time everything was getting worse and worse. And then finally it was very difficult for us to continue with Angra, and certainly the situation inside the band between the musicians was getting very bad. Maybe because of those problems with the management. Everybody was very nervous, everybody was very angry all the time, very sad, so the situation was not like playing for enthusiasm, everybody was playing for money, like a job you know. But I don’t like that, I am a musician, I play with my heart and I put my voice in the songs with all my emotions, so I can’t play only for money. And actually the other guys, too. They decided to leave the band, they said, “O’k, it makes no sense to play concerts only for business, we want to be happy, we want to be musically satisfied with the band.” We had many problems inside the band, everybody was like fighting all the time. So we decided to stop, to solve the problems with the manager, and solve the problems inside the band. We stopped one year and a half until now, and then Angra wants to come back in March.

Ksenia : In Almah you and Felipe proved your ability to create songs, to be producers, to be big bosses. What role do you see for yourself in Angra when it returns?

Edu Falaschi : I’m very satisfied with my position in Almah, because I created Almah. Everybody fits my voice, I have no comparisons with any singer, because I am the creator of Almah, so for me it’s better to play in a band like that, for me it is more comfortable. But in Angra (I joined the band in 2000) the band was already existing, for about nine years before me, everything was already settled and set there. So it was difficult at the beginning to prove to the people, and one of the main difficulties in Angra for me is that I need to sing very high all the time, and then the composers, the main composers, duty vocal melodies – well, sometimes I need to sing vocal melodies that I really don’t feel comfortable to sing. But in Almah I do everything with my voice, and for my voice. So it’s very natural for me. If we take some change in Angra it will be a possibility to create in every song my own vocal melodies. But it’s impossible, because Kiko (Loureiro) and Rafael (Bittencourt) are great composers, but sometimes it’s difficult for me. But I need to combine, at least to try to combine my style with their styles and then try to find something cool in Angra. But the main difference between Angra and Almah is that in Almah it is more comfortable for me to sing, but of course I like to sing the Angra songs, it’s very nice. But when I need to sing all the songs, from the previous singer, for me it’s quite strange, because the style if totally different from mine. I don’t sing very high, for example. I sing in a different style, my voice is lower, stronger – it’s just different. So that’s my idea.

Ksenia : Almah is not the first band that was created around you, as far as I remember the first band was Mitrium and with this band you came to Sao-Paolo, with this band you went to the contest for the plays of the vocalist of Iron Maiden. How was it like? Why did you have to stop the activity of this band and to have a break in rock career?

Edu Falaschi : Well, it was a long time ago, it was in 1993 or 1994, I don’t know. I was very young, and then I had another band, it was my first band Mitrium and then I was promoting the album, because at that time we recorded a vinyl, because in 1994 we didn’t have CDs, of course. So I recorded a vinyl and I was promoting in here in Sao-Paolo, and then I was invited to take part in this and I decided to be part of this contest, because it would be very nice for my band. And it was really good for my band, because I did many interviews, I did many promotions, here in Brazil and then I became famous here as a singer. And my band was going pretty well. And then it was my career, I started singing metal and this contest with Iron Maiden helped me a lot. And then I had another band called Symbols, until the Angra guys invited me to join them in 2000, so I sang in Angra almost 10 years, until 2008.

Ksenia : I managed to find it out in your biography that you studied law. And how did you learn to sing? And are you going to work at your singing techniques further?

Edu Falaschi : Oh, it was a looong time ago (laughs) I started singing when I was about 16 years old, and I had very many bands and actually I started my career with playing drums. But I was a bad drummer and then I decided to play guitars and I play guitar very well and then I had a band in Brazil playing guitars. But the singing was going very bad. And then the band decided to put me in the vocal place. I started singing and everybody in the band said, “O’k, that’s nice, you are singing very well. Don’t play guitar any more. You just sing!” I started singing and I was singing all the time, after it I started composing and making my own songs. And then I decided to have some classes with teachers here in Brazil for them to help me sing correctly and healthily. I was studying all the time and I still do it, because for a vocalist it’s very important – you need to practice all the time. That’s my life!

Ksenia : On the new Almah album “Fragile Equality” you sing differently. The way you sing on this record differs greatly from the way you sing in Angra and the way you sang on the first Almah album. What is the reason for such a change? Is it due to the fact that you were working much at your singing techniques, or is it just because this time you were responsible for the production and you could do whatever you wanted with the record?

Edu Falaschi : I believe that every album is a revolution. I always try to do many things and develop as a singer, as a producer, as a person. And then I am always trying to improve in everything. And of course making the production of this album “Fragile Equality” adds to this transformation. I was the producer of the first Almah album as well, by the way. For me it’s very good, because when I compose the song, when I composed this album even at the very beginning I already knew which kind of voice I would put in the song. I did everything from the very beginning, I had everything in my hands. I had everything over control. So for me doing the things like that is better as a singer, because I can make everything in my own way. It’s easy, because nobody else can understand more about my voice, than me. It is important to be very deep in the job, and to know everything you gonna do in the future, because you can do it perfectly. And I am really satisfied with “Fragile Equality”, because I think that this is the best album I recorded in my life. And to my mind “Fragile Equality” is the best metal album in 2008. I mean the power metal album. So I am very happy.

Ksenia : Many people consider you voice on the title track of “Fragile Equality” to be strange, it sounds like the voice of the vocalist of Metallica, but not as the voice of the vocalist of Almah (laughs) What did you do with your voice to sound like that?

Edu Falaschi : Yeah, this is a kind of trash metal song, and then I decided to sing with more power, to combine different ways of singing in this song. But the course is very melodic, so I tried to sing very softly to combine with the part. But the main idea was to make a very heavy vocal, vocal line. In Angra it IS good to show this kind of voice, despite the band is totally different. But you we look at my other band, before Angra, you will hear something like that, something more aggressive, more strong. But then, in the first Almah album there is a song “King”, and there you can also hear the vocal like that – very very strong and very heavy. So for me it is natural, it is not difficult. "

Read the all intefview on Darkside e-zine

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Edu Falaschi's interview on Darkside e-zine

Here is the first part of the interview Edu gave for the Russain website Darkside e-zine.
This interview were published on November 2008, so something could have change, but not critically.

Interview by Ksenia on Darkside e-zine.
A special thanks to Irina, the Almah Russia's webmaster for the link !

"Ksenia :Hi, Edu! My name is Ksenia, I’m a journalist of Russian Darkside E-zine. Probably you remember me, you invited me to Brazil with you (laughs)

Edu Falaschi : Oh, yes, now I remember you! Hello, Ksenia! Well, I must be talking to an angel. And the interview will be for heaven!

Ksenia : Well, well… I guess it will be vise a versa. Not for heavens, but for DarkSide! (everybody laughs) Well, let’s start! When we talked two years ago about Almah (it was in “Apelsin” club before Angra concert), could you imagine that Almah will turn into a real band and into your main project?

Edu Falaschi : Actually, when I released the first album, it was in 2006, and I was working with Angra at the same time, and I thought that probably in the future Angra would have some problems, actually even in 2006 I knew the problems in Angra, I was trying to look to the future and I was imagining that probably Angra would stop. And then Angra really stopped in 2007 in July. And then when I released the first album, it was the solo album, I knew that maybe in the future Almah could be a band. And when Angra really stopped, we didn’t know about Angra future and we didn’t know when we would come back with Angra. I decided in December 2007 to create a new Almah album, but as a real band, as a full time band. I did it and we recorded the new album last year, and that’s the history.

Ksenia : What does it mean for you to be a real band? Does it only mean that the band releases Cds, new albums, gives concerts or is it something more, something different from giving concerts and making albums? And what’s the difference between a real band Angra and a real band Almah?

Edu Falaschi : In my opinion having a real band is stronger than having a solo album, because when you have a band you have five or four people working for the band, you have five people giving their faith and fighting for the band and realizing dreams of the band. It was one of the reasons to create a real band, I wanted to have a real metal album I really wanted to do. I’m sure that we got it, because the album in quality is very good, it is very nice. I know that if I had made this album alone, only by myself like a solo album, the album would have been definitely weaker, it wouldn’t have been so nice. But now we are five guys playing very well, we are concentrated, everybody in Almah has a focus on the album. So that’s why the album is very strong.

So this is my opinion.

Ksenia : The forming of Almah line-up was very long and dramatic, because for a short period of time your brother Tito Falaschi and a guitar player of Dr. Sin Eduardo Ardanuy in Almah. It seemed that in the autumn 2007 the permanent line-up was formed – you, Felipe Andreoli, Aquiles Priester, Marcelo Barbosa. But where did the previous line up disappeared? For example, Aquiles. And how did it come about that 5the new musicians appeared?

Edu Falaschi : Actually when I decided to have a real band I needed to have the right person, and actually I needed to have the right people in the band – people that really wanted to work for the band, people who really wanted to create something new and make a real band. But those people – Aquiles (Priester - Bass), Fábio (Laguna - Keyboard) – were not in the same atmosphere that me, Felipe and Marcelo Barbosa were in. That’s why I decided to invite another drummer, Marcelo Moreira, and another guitar player called Paulo Schroeber. I invited these guys, because they are specialists, they are very happy with the band, they are working very hard and they love this music. They are just living in Almah. That’s why I decided to invite these new guys. Although they are not famous, they are amazing musicians. And in my opinion this final line-up is the best line-up I could ever have in Brazil. The drummer is the best power-metal drummer we have in Brazil nowadays and Paulo Schroeber is playing perfectly together with Marcelo Barbosa. So we have very nice playing guitars. That’s why I believe that I have a great team, I have a great band, so I invited these people, because they are the right people.

Ksenia : Aren’t you worried about the fact that all your musicians have a wide range of projects, their own projects? For instance, Andreoli has Time Out, Bittencourt Project, Barbosa has Khallice and some guitar institute, Marcelo Moreira has Burning In Hell, Paulo Schroeber is planning to release his solo album… Aren’t you afraid that all these musicians will pay less attention to Almah due to their own projects?

Edu Falaschi : Actually, when I invited everybody to join the band Andreoli already had this band Time Out, Marcelo Barbosa already had Khallice and our drummer already played in Burning In Hell… But of course I don’t like to be like a dictator (laughs) , and I wouldn’t like to say to the guys, “O’k, you are mine, so don’t play with anybody else” (laughs). I didn’t want to say that and I told the guys, “You have your projects, but I would like to have you guys to help me with Almah and to create it. Do you want to do it?” And everybody now is very concentrated on Almah and those projects Time Out, Burning Hell and Khallice totally stopped. They are not working for those bands. Sometimes they do something for them, they play concerts, but they are really working for Almah. And we had many concerts in Brazil in December, in January, we are very busy and at the same time I have Angra as well, we didn’t quit Angra. Angra just stopped and is having a rest, but probably in March I’m going to come back with Angra. I will try to work with both bands at the same time – Almah and Angra. But of course I know that it will be a little bi difficult, because I know that Angra is a big band, it is very famous, and a very demanding band, but in the end it is not so difficult – if you have time, you do something. When I have to do another step with Angra in March, probably I will do many Angra and some times Almah. When Angra stops again, maybe in a year or in a couple of years, I will come back with another knew Almah’s album, and then what?...
That’s the musician’s life! (laughs)"

To read the all interview, and see pics go on Darkisde e-zine

Monday, February 23, 2009

Review of the Almah's show in Santo André on Blog Metal Play and new gallery pics

Here is a summary of a review of the Almah's show in Santo Andre (Sao Paulo, Brazil) on 02/13/09, published on Blog Metal Play:

"Cold night in the city of Santo André, Edu Falaschi and co will play a show worthy reverence.

The show is planned on 21h00, but there is a delay of about half an hour. The theater is really top-full. The show begins with a traditionnal power metal introduction leaving fans in ecstasy, the band plays the firsts riffs of “Bird Of Prey” from the new album “Fragile Equality”. Immediatly after, “Take Back Your Spell” from the first album, well executed this song works very well live.

The performance of the band is awesome.

They also played “Children Of Lies”, “Magic Flame”, “Fragile Equality”, which delighted the public. Unlike many metal bands, the set-list was well-chosen, combining the best songs from the first album with most recent, including two compositions of Edu Falaschi for Angra. However they could play “Spread Your Fire” from the great “Temple Of Shadows” or “The Course Of Nature” from “Aurora Consurgens”.

Edu Falaschi, who sang very well during all the show, has completely dominated the public.

“Beyond Tomorrow”, “Torn”, “Breathe” and “Forgotten Land” have been well received. This latter song was played by Edu Falaschi on keyboard, one of the best moments of the show. “Scary Zone” and “King”, two popular songs from the first album have been sung by fans, while “Nova Era” shown the passion of the fans for Angra. It’s amazing the power of this song live, all waiting for it impatiently. Undoubtedly the highlight of the show.

To conclude, Edu Falaschi announced one of the best songs from “Fragile Equality”, “You’ll Understand”. Great performance of the band. The charismatic singer thanked the public and promised to come back in May with Angra.

Great show, a real heavy metal lesson."

To read the review in Portuguese and see the pics gallery, go on Blog Metal Play

Gallery from Guilherme Ribeiro on Flickr

Gallery from Maria Marinho on orkut :

Gallery from Heidynha on Orkut :

To see all the Almah's pics, go on Almah France French Official Blog

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Almah : studio report on Supernovas

Here is a studio report of Almah during the recording of Fragile Equality at Norcal Studios (2008), which has just been made available on Youtube!
Even if you don't speak Portuguese, this video give you the opportunity to see the atmosphere in the studio!

Thanks to Danticas for the video !

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Review of the Almah's show in Santo André (02/13/09), published on Whiplash

Here is a translation of the review of the Almah 's show in Santo André (Sao Paulo, Brazil), published on the Brazilian metal website Whiplash : pics / review by Bell Gasparotto :

"Friday night’s 13th, and a great show at SESC Santo André, the Black Box Of Rock project welcomes Almah, bringing a young audience in their twenties, which is already waiting for the show in front of the theater one hour before. Yes, in the theater. But don’t think that everyone was seated. Chairs were occupied by older, the other seats remained vacant, everyone standing in front of the stage, headbanging, as it should be in a good concert.

With a few delay, Almah’s members up on stage one by one, each of them well applauded. Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Paulo Schroeber (guitar), and Marcelo Moreira (drums), come first, followed by Felipe Andreoli (bass), and Edu Falaschi (Singer). These two last were more applaused, showing clearly that a great part of the public are Angra’s fans.

During one hour and a half, the band alternated songs of his two albums, hightlights for “Birds Of Prey”, which opened the show and agitated the public. Followed by “Children Of Lies”, “Breathe”, “Beyond Tomorrow”, “Fragile Equality”, “Shade Of My Soul”, “Torn”, “Scary Zone” among others. For the Angra’s fans, the songs “Bleeding Heart” and “Nova Era”, despite several “Carry on “ requests.


The show ends with “You’ll Understand”, without bis, shows at SESC don’t finish late. Very nive, they leave the stage, giving thanks, talking to the fans, giving picks. I confess I knew Almah recently, and I didn’t expect such devotion from the public.(...)"

For more news : Whiplash
To see all the pics of the Almah's show, go on Almah France official blog!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Edu Falaschi's interview on Novo Metal, last part

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

Here is the translation of the last part of the interview Edu gave on the Brazilian website Novo Metal (I'm so sorry for my bad English ...) :

"Novo Metal : The first thing you notice when listening “Fragile Equality” is the add of weight ! Riffs are heavy and it’s a constant in the all album. (...) Your voice is a little more aggressive in certain parts and with all of these elements, we have as result a great metal album. Purposeful direction being taken was heavier ?

Edu Falaschi : Yes this is the Almah’s sound ! A worked metal, heavy, melodic and direct.

Novo Metal : Let’s talk about a subject which excited the Angra’s fans ... After all the controversy around the business of the band, the internal fights, was announced that the band will come back in the first half of this year. What can you tell us about the current situation of the band ? Again with the same line-up ?

Edu Falaschi : We are getting ready to go back in May, it seems to be well, (...), a tour commemorating the come back of the band and a kind of celebration of the Angra’s story is being prepared now for this tour. About the line-up, everyone will know soon.

Novo Metal : Shortly, You will have 20 years of career, spent in Mitrium, Sylmbols, Venus to Angra. Another intersting detail is you were one of the finalists in the contest to replace Bruce Dickinson in Iron Maiden. What are the positive and negative aspects in your career ? What do you expect for the future ?

Edu Falaschi : I believe everything happened in my career as a positive point, because even wrong things served me to learn. The worst moment, of course, was the period when I had voice problems, and many people took advantage of the emergence of Youtube, trying to denigrate myself, it’s really an accident to have had these problems in the digital time, but I’m a warrior and I faced up all, even with pain, sadness, but always supported by my fans, my family and friends, and now, when I look back I’m proud of this fight, Almah is here, growing, and soon, Angra will show that it has much more to offer to music.

Novo Metal : Edu, you have much link with Mangas, and even you will launch a book in maga style, with a Cd with the instrumental part of “Fragile Equality”. How did this idea grow up (...) ?

Edu Falaschi : I love Japan and Japanese culture, I always had a link with it and the idea of wrinting a book in connexion with the lyrics (of Fragile Equality) was mine, and I’m really involved in Manga culture by the “Knights of the Zodiac”. I’m still doing it, with calm, because I have tousands things to do. The book will be release on time.

Novo Metal : What are your future plans for Almah ? With the Angra’s come back, you want to continue the activities of the band ?

Edu Falaschi : Yes, Almah continue his activities, Angra is obviously the priority from May and take most of my and Felipe time. But if it’s possible we should do shows, releases, activities with fans, etc... The Almah’s sites are always updated with activities and events of the band and memebers themselves. Go on / almahedufalashi

However, it is the time of Angra ! And good things come there !

Novo Metal : With Which international band would you like to share the stage ?

Edu Falaschi : Wow, so many ! Def Leppard, Ratt, Accept, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Ozzy, etc..

Novo Metal : What are you biggest influences and what kind of style of music your listen, besides metal ?

Edu Falaschi : Dio and Dickinson as singers, but as composers, I can name Supertramp, Roger Hodgson and hard and metal band of the 80s. About classical music, Tchaikovsky and Brahms. About POP, Elton John, the Beatles, Tears For Fears, etc ...

Novo Metal : (...) we have seen the come back of some older bands like AC/ DC, Heaven And Hell (which is in fact Black Sabbath) and Kiss (who will record an album of unreleased songs). Do you think that mean there is no renewal of quality bands ? Or maybe the way to attract more public because old bands have more than one generations of fans ?

Edu Falaschi : Actually, I think with the fall of sales of CDs due to the Internet, a lot of great artists who stopped don’t receive many more copyrights, so they have to come back, working to pay their way of life. It’s not the same thing for Dio, who never stopped.

Novo Metal : Thank you for the interview, and good luck in this new phase with Angra !

Edu Falaschi : Thanks for this opportunity ! Kisses to all !"

Interview by Maicon Leite/Monica Fontes on Novo Metal

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Edu Falaschi's interview on Novo Metal, next

Here is a translation of the following of the Edu's interview for the Brazilian website Novo Metal. (Sorry for my bad translation, I hope you'll understand it !).
I remember you the links to read the beginning of the interview:

"Check below the second part of the interview made with the singer of the band, Edu Falaschi.

Novo Metal : “Fragile Equality” is a succes in termes of sales and criticals, and not for the less, the album has once again a great musicians team, an excellent production and much weight. How do you see all this interest in Almah ?

Edu Falaschi : I’m very please with this feedback, mainly to see how people understood what we wanted to give, the sound style, arrangements, proposal, lyrics, everything.

Novo metal : When you set up this project, what have you in your mind ? It was something you have no freddom to do in Angra, explore different kind of ideas ?

Edu Falaschi : I have all freedom of artistic expression in Angra. But I also like to sing heavier stuff, which has nothing to do with the Angra ‘s style and I have a great respect for the Angra’s story and his attributs, so I decided to create a second band, mine, Almah.

Novo Metal : In “Almah”, in addition to have renowned musicians, you played and created for all the music instruments. What is the difference between “Almah” and “Fragile Equality” in this way, since the band has a fixed line-up ?

Edu Falaschi : The main difference is in Fragile Equality everybody participated of all, from compositions to arrangements, whereas in the first album, everything was really only composed and arranged by me , and besides that it was making a simple and direct album.

Novo Metal : The musicians who accompany you now already have a great background in Brazilian metal scene. How did this link create and how was to work with them so far ?

Edu Falaschi : These guys are special ! It was the best choice I and Felipe could have done.

Novo Metal : You have shown much concern for the fans, by creating an MSN for the band, you manage by yourself, until the recent contest for the creation of the cover of the single “All I AM”. So, you show a great interest in the fans, while many bands simply ignore them.How these ideas emerged?

Edu Falaschi : You’re right, I always had great sympathy an affestion for the fans. I do everything to be always on their side. It’s something I have in me, I’ve always repsected the fans and will respect them always. I also would like to comment my answer in the first part of the interview about Orkut. Some people working with me were worried about my answer, because some fans were saddened, thinking that I could generalize. Nevertheless, It’s clear that I speak only about the “pigs spirits” living and hiding in the depths of Orkut and use this tool to defame and denigrate the artists in their own country. It’s stupid and irrevelant. They don’t imagine how they hinder the growth of heavy metal in Brazil, trying to destroy several artists, espacially those who are starting. They will see the bad only when it will be too late to go back. Brazil is a third-world country, it’s almost imposssible for a band to live of his music without a job aside. There are no appropriate places to play metal, almost no professional in this industry, the media in Brazil is more Pop than in others countries, then, the difficulties are thousand times higher than in Europe / USA/ Japan, ect ...I know what I say beacause I have traveled the world to play heavy metal and I know how the heavy metal scene is much more organised, professional and united in other countries. For Example, Finland, an inhospitable country, far from all, with a smaller population than in Brazil, has a great commercial circuit for metal bands. And several of them stood out worldwilde. Nightwish playes in stadiums as Pop band, why ? Because from the beginning the public honours and gives priority to the bands, bands of his own country. I had a dream that could have a strong brazilian scene EXPORTING dozens of bands. But I’m increasingly disappointed with what happens here, because of the wickedness of many people, enjoying the sadness of the others."

Interview by Maicon Leite and Monica Fontes, Novo Metal

The end of the interview tomorrow !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pics report of the Almah's show in Santo André (Sao Paulo, Brazil), last part

Here is the last part of our little pics report of the Almah's show in Santo André (Sao Paulo, Brazil) on 02/13/09 :

  • Breathe

  • All I Am :

  • Fragile Equality :

  • Torn :

  • Nova Era :

Thanks to Leomarsousa for his vidéos !
To see all the Almah's pics, go on Almah French official blog !