Monday, January 31, 2011

Still Alive (produced by Edu Falaschi) announces the title of his debut album

From MS Metal Press :

"The band from Rio Still Alive officially announced the title of his debut album, produced by the renowed singer of Angra and Almah, Edu Falaschi. The album will be called "Kyo", term derived from Buddhist philosophy and meaning that rythm, sounds and vibrations of life permeate the universe.

"Kyo" is a concept album, based on the movie " A Fonte Da Vida", which deals with man's quest of immortality. "Through this title, we wanted not just share our whole idea about the concept of immortality, but also away from any name already used by other bands in the metal world. We are treading a path of originality and always take necessary precaution to bring the best to our beloved fans", said the songer Walter Campos.

Still Alive will continue his production work of "Kyo" in the studio during the months of February and March. The album is expected to be launched in Brazil in the first half of 2011."

For more news : MS Metal Press

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Artemis (produced by Edu Falaschi) : end of the mixing process of his debut album

From MS Metal Press :

The band Artemis, with the producer Edu Falaschi (Still Alive, Almah, Symbols) ended the mixing process of his debut album in late December 2010.

The album was recorded at Norcal Studios, and counts with the co-production of Adriano Daga, Andre and Brendan (Duffey). "We were fortunate to have a great team to record our album. Adriano Daga, Andre and Brendan (Duffey) became great friends and probably, our next album will be recorded with them at Norcal Studios. Regarding the equipement, all internet users can watch our videos (check out the Official Channel Youtube of the band : and see we had best gear on the market and technicians very experienced. The result is fantastic and we are looking forward to show it in Brazil and abroad", said the drummer Pedro Senna.

Artemis debut album, still untitled, is scheduled to be launched in the fist half of this year.

For more news : MS Metal Press

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Edu Falaschi : singing lessons

From Edu Falaschi Official Webiste :

Edu Falaschi is to start giving the series of private singing classes in São Paulo, Brazil beginning the 1st of March 2011. The musician will help his students to develop various elements of vocal techniques.

Edu Falaschi is one of the most renowned singers on the heavy metal scene in Brazil and worldwide with his 20-year career, 15 albums released and more than one million CDs sold. All the students can count on his great experience singing live and working in the studio with such bands as Angra, Almah and Symbols.

Edu Falaschi has already performed thousands of concerts all over the world, he is often invited as a special guest of the shows and the recordings of many Brazilian and international stars such as Dado Villa Lobos (Legião Urbana), Tarja Turunen, Genius Rock Opera among others.

Edu sang on the soundtrack of Brazilian version of the Japanese anime movie Saint Seiya. The musician has been selected several times by Japanese fans as one of the best rock singers in the world.

To get the prices and the other details and to book your lesson, please mail to edufalaschi@

For more news : Edu Falaschi Official Website

Monday, January 24, 2011

Edu Falaschi : Carioca Anime 2011 (videos)

From Edu Falaschi Official Website :

“Anime e Tokusatsu Vídeos” presents the footage of Edu Falaschi’s presentation at “6 Years of Carioca Anime” (Carioca Anime 6 Anos) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event took place in “Casa das Beiras” in Tijuca region of the city on 8-9th of January and included concerts of renowned Brazilan musicians, contests for the fans of anime, anime fashion shows and other activities. The solo performance of Edu became the key event of the first day of “Carioca Anime”. No wonder, Edu Falaschi got his important place on the Brazilian anime stage a while ago due to his participation in “Cavaleiros do Zodiaco” (Brazilian version of “Saint Seiya”) soundtrack, including the hit intro for this famous Japanese anime movie, “Pegasus Fantasy”. During the show, Edu performed a few songs from “Saint Seiya” soundtrack and some Angra’s songs and also answered various questions of the fans. You can find the videos from the show at the official blog of “Anime e Tokusatsu Vídeos”.

** Videos of the show :

- Part 1 with the song "Saint Seiya" :

- Part 2 with the song "Nove Era" (Angra) :

- Part 3 with the song "Blue Forever" :

- Part 4 with the song "Rebirth" (Angra) :

- Part 5 : final ("Saint Seiya") :

** Edu Falaschi interview :

To watch some pics of the show, check out our post from January 9th:

For more news : Anime e Tokusatsu videos blog / Youtube / Edu Falaschi Official Website

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Angra : Aqua European Tour 2011

From Edu Falaschi Official Website :

"Angra is coming back to Europe in February 2011 with the tour supporting their brand new album, Aqua. From 11th to 27th of February the band will play in various cities of Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and England. Please, see the confirmed dates below or check out the interactive schedule in the Events section of our site for the further details about every show.

A young Brazilian metal band from Curitiba, Kattah has been recently announced as an opening act for the whole European tour of Angra. According to Kattah’s frontman Roni Sauaf, it became possible due to the interest of Angra’s members, mainly, Edu Falaschi who turned to be a real friend of Kattah. Last year Edu participated as a special guest in a few shows of the band (Video). Right now, Kattah is close to release its debut album “Eyes Of Sand” and to launch a video clip.

“Aqua” was released in Europe on September 27th, 2010 through SPV/Steamhammer in four formats: a limited-edition digipack that includes a bonus CD featuring a career-spanning overview of ANGRA’s Edu Falaschi (vocals) era; a standard jewel-case edition; a double-LP edition that includes three bonus tracks; also the album is available as a digital download. It will be the first European tour of the band since February/March 2007. As previously reported, last year Angra already presented the Aqua World Tour program in many cities in Brazil, performed in Japan at Loud Park Festival and in Taiwan, and just recently Angra is back to Brazil after two North American dates played on 13-14th of January in California together with another legendary Brazilian-based metal act, Sepultura."

ANGRA – Aqua World Tour 2011 – Europe :

- As (BELGIUM) Feb. 11 / 2011
- Pratteln (SWITZERLAND) Feb. 12 / 2011
- Milan (ITALY) Feb. 13 / 2011
- Bologna (ITALY) Feb. 15 / 2011
- Nancy (FRANCE) Feb. 16 / 2011
- Lyon (FRANCE) Feb. 17 / 2011
- Barcelona (SPAIN) Feb. 18 / 2011
- Bordeaux (FRANCE) Feb. 19 / 2011
- Madrid (SPAIN) Feb. 20 / 2011
- Toulouse (FRANCE) Feb. 22 / 2011
- Montpellier (FRANCE) Feb. 23 / 2011
- Nantes (FRANCE) Feb. 24 / 2011
- Tourcoing/Lille (FRANCE) Feb. 25 / 2011
- London (ENGLAND) Feb. 26 / 2011
- Paris (FRANCE) Feb. 27 / 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Kattah : "Rebirth" (video)

Here is a video of Edu Falaschi with the Brazilian band Kattah, playing "Rebirth" in acoustic, filmed during their show at Atacama Bar In Curitiba (Brazil) last December 11th and posted by the band on his Official Youtube Channel !

Check out our post from December 14th to watch some pics of the show :

For more news : Kattah Official Youtube

Friday, January 14, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Angra : show in Los Angeles

Angra continues the Aqua World Tour in USA and plays today with Sepultura at House Of Blues in Los Angeles, West Hollywood / CA from 8h30pm (US time) !

For more news : House Of Blues

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Angra : show in Anaheim (USA)

Edu Falaschi begins with Angra the North American part of Aqua World Tour 2010-2011 and plays today with Sepultura at House Of Blues in Anaheim / CA (USA) from 8h00pm (US time) !

For more news : House Of Blues

Monday, January 10, 2011

Edu Falaschi / Angra : shows in USA

From Edu Falaschi Official Website :

Angra will play in California together with another Brazilian leading metal band, Sepultura. These shows represent the North American part of Aqua World Tour 2010-2011 supporting the brand new album of the band. “Aqua” was released in North America on 12th of October 2010 through SPV/Steamhammer. ANGRA already played many shows of AQUA Tour in various cities of Brazil in 2010 and performed at the renowned Japanese rock festival Loud Park (October 2010). With California dates the band start their live activities this year.

The dates are:

** January 13 – House Of Blues – Anaheim, CA
House of Blues / 1530 S. Disneyland Dr.
Anaheim, Los Angeles CA 92802 / United States
Tel: 714.778.BLUE

** January 14 – House Of Blues – West Hollywood, CA
House Of Blues (Sunset Strip) / 8430 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA 90069 / United States
Tel: (323) 848-5100

For more news : Edu Falaschi Official Website

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Edu Falaschi, Carioca Anima 2011, first pics and fan video

Here are the first pics of Edu Falaschi at Carioca Anime 2011 (Tijuca / RJ, Brazil), taken yesterday during his show where he played the Brazilian themes of the Knights of the Zodiac !

All this pics are taken from the gallery of Sandra Saito on Facebook :

Check out a fan video of the show at the following link :

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Edu Falaschi : Carioca Anime 2011

Edu Falaschi takes part today in Carioca Anime 2011 in Tijuca / RJ (Brazil) from 6h00pm (Brazilian time) !

Edu is one of the greatest names of anime songs in Brazil and is well known to be the singer of the Brazilian themes of Saint Seiya and Knights of the Zodiac !

Production of the event promises an unforgettable show ;)

For more news : Carioca Anime 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Angra France : "Meet & greet 2011" contest

The Official French website of Angra organizes a contest to win "Meet And Greet 2011" during the Aqua French Tour !

The 96 winners will be elected by draw on January 31 !

To take part in Angra France contest it's easy : check out the following link( and fill out the register form with your mail address !

Good Luck ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Edu Falaschi France Blog : playlist of the month

Here's the new playlist of the month, compiled with songs sung and / or written and produced by Edu Falaschi during his career:

  • Angra, The Rage Of the Waters (Angra, Aqua, 2010)
  • Angra, Hollow (Angra, Aqua, 2010)
  • Almah, Fragile Equality (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008)
  • Almah, Box Of Illusion (Almah, Almah, 2006)
  • Scelerata (with Edu Falaschi), The Spell Of Time (Darkness And Light, 2006)
  • Venus (with Edu Falaschi), The Immortal (Venus, Ordinary Existence, 1998)
Enjoy ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Edu Falaschi : "Happy 2011 / Feliz 2011" (video)!

Here are the best wishes from Edu Falaschi for 2011 (in Portuguese) sent by Twivid this night !
Enjoy ;)

For more news : Edu Falaschi Official Twitter

Official Edu Falaschi Fan-Club : news of the month

Dear Edu Falaschi's fans ;

Here the news of the month on Fan-Club website !

** Happy 2011 !!! : On behalf of the Fan-Club team, we wish you an happy new year 2011 ! This new year will be eventful, as Angra will be back in Europe in february to present his new album Aqua and Almah should release his third album !
Check out our video gallery, in the section "messages to the Fans" to watch Edu's wishes in English Portuguese !

** Retrospective 2010 : Edu Falaschi live pics collection : In collaboration with Edu Falaschi French Official Blog, we offer you a retrospective of Edu Falaschi live pics published on 2010 :
To watch live pics of Edu Falaschi with Angra, Almah, Soulspell and Kattah, check out Edu Falaschi French Official Blog !

** Retrospective 2010 : Edu Falaschi interview : We suggest you to read or reread the interview gave by Edu Falaschi for Rio Metal Blog in October 2010, where he talks about his entire career as singer and producer, and about Almah and Angra ! Interview Edu Falaschi for Rio Metal Blog (october 2010)

** News of the month : Angra in Europe next February ! :As you know, Angra will be back in Europe next February to show us live his new album Aqua!

We showed you the first confirmed dates last month, here's the full agenda :

* 11/02/10 - As /Belgium - GC Drieschaar

* 12/02/10 - Basel / Switzerland- Z7

* 13/02/2011 -Milano/Italy - Live Club

* 15/02/2011 -Bologna/Italy - Estragon

* 16/02/2011 - Nancy/France - L'autre Canal

* 17/02/2011 Lyon/France - Ninkasi Kao

* 18/02/2011 - Barcelone/Spain - Salamandra 1

* 19/02/2011 -Bordeaux/France - Krakatoa

* 20/02/2011 - Madrid/Spain – Ritmo & Compas

* 22/02/2011 - Toulouse/France - Le Phare

* 23/02/11 - Montpellier/France - Victoire 2

* 24/01/11 - Nantes/France - Olympic

* 25/02/11 - Tourcoing (Lille)/France - Le Grand Mix

* 26/02/2011 - London/England - 02 Islington Academy

* 27/02/2011 - Paris/France - Élysée Montmartre

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** Videos of the month : Here are the latest videos from our gallery

  • Section "Messages to the Fans"

- Edu Falaschi : Feliz 2011

- Edu Falaschi : Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

- Edu Falaschi : Mensagen de Felicita

  • Section "Edu Falaschi Live"

- Edu Falaschi & Kattah : I Believe (acoustic)

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