Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Edu Falaschi tells about "Arising Thunder"

The band Angra is about to launch its seventh studio album "Aqua".

Now, Angra's musicians periodically release their impressions about each track from "Aqua".

This time, the singer Edu Falaschi highlights some aspect of the second track of the album, "Arising Thunder".

"This song has change a lot since the beginning. It sounds great for me, after so many changes. The result exceeded all my expectations and is linked to part of history I love a lot ! Well nervous !!!

It's violent, dramatic and vigorous as the first lines narrated in "The Tempest" history ! "Arising Thunder" sounds perfectly for an epic beginning, totaly connected with the letters that illustrates all Propero's fury and his desire of vengeance, when with his magic, he is causing a storm that takes Antonia, Alonso and his crew to sinking at the opening of the play."

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