Saturday, September 4, 2010

Still Alive tells about his work with Edu Falaschi

Brazilian metal Band Still Alive from Rio de Janeiro produced by Edu Falaschi, has kindly agreed to answer some questions from Edu Falaschi France team regarding his work at Norcal Studios and recording sessions of his debut album, still untitled, which will be released in the second half of this year! Enjoy ;)

"Hi Still Alive ! First of all, thanks a lot for the opportunity to make an interview ! It’s a real honour for us ;) I know you are very busy now because of your recording sessions at Norcal Studios in Sao Paulo!

Edu Falaschi France : Could you introduce Still Alive and its musicians for French and European people please ...

Gil Vasconcelos (guitar) : Sure, Still Alive is a brazilian heavy metal band from Rio de Janeiro, that started its activities on January 2009. The current line-up is: Walter Campos (vocals), Gil Vasconcelos (guitar), Felipe Fantuzzi (bass), and Rodolfo Iriarte (keyboards).

Edu Falaschi France : What are the main influences of Still Alive ?

Gil Vasconcelos :It’s hard to specify, cause there are some many influences… We basically compose what we’re feeling at the moment, that is a mix of all we’ve been listening. All I can say is that the influence that appears the most is from great heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera and Dream Theater.

Edu Falaschi France : How did you meet Edu Falaschi and decided to work with him as producer ?

Gil Vasconcelos : Eduardo Macedo, from MS Metal Press (Still Alive and Edu Falaschi press agent), introduced us to Edu. When we told him that we were planning to record an album and looking for a producer, he immediately sent our single “Human” to Edu and asked if he were interested to produce Still Alive. Edu really enjoyed our sound and sent us an e-mail. Two weeks after that, Edu was in Rio working with us.

Edu Falaschi France : Could you explain how you work together, the band and Edu Falaschi ?

Gil Vasconcelos : We had something like 15 songs to make this album. First, Edu selected the best 10 songs from our material. We’ve worked together with Edu on each of them to create an amazing album. We wrote all the songs, and Edu brought his experience and talent as a producer to shape the songs in a way that they would become awesome to every metalhead.

Edu Falaschi France : Have you got some stress due to the celebrity and experience of your producer ?

Gil Vasconcelos :Not at all, Edu is very professional and disciplined. We feel very lucky to have him as our producer.

Edu Falaschi France : You are now at Norcal Studios in Sao Paulo (Brazil) recording your new album. I read on your Official Myspace ( that all drums of your debut album has been recorded by the great Brazilian drummer Marcelo Moreira (Almah / Burning in Hell) ! Could you tell us more about these recording sessions and why the band decided to invite Marcelo Moreira ?

Gil Vasconcelos : Yeah, Moreira recorded the drums of the album, and I can say that we are very happy with the result. He stands out as one of the best heavy metal drummers in Brazil, and we basically wanted to have the best drums we could get. He is very professional and talented, the drums are really awesome!

Edu Falaschi France : MS Metal Press, your press agent, said you will work at Norcal Studios during the months of June, July and August ... Could you tell us more about that ? When will you record bass, vocals and guitars ? What is your schedule ?

Gil Vasconcelos : Well, we’ve already recorded the drums, bass, and guitars. Right now, Rodolfo is recording the keyboard solos, and soon Walter will record the vocals. Norcal is a great place to record, and the studio staff is very committed and talented.

Edu Falaschi France : I’d like to know more about your debut album ... Influences, styles, how many songs did you compose ... Is it a conceptual one ?

Gil Vasconcelos : It will be a conceptual album, mainly about the concept of immortality and how mankind deals with it. We are finishing the lyrics. Soon, we will tell more about them. The album will have ten very original songs, some of them will be speed songs, some will be more progressive, and some will be mellow. But they are all very unique.

Edu Falaschi France : When will you release your debut album ? Will it be released outside Brazil ? It will would be so great ;)

Gil Vasconcelos : Thanks a lot, lol. Very soon… Like October or November, I guess. It won’t be long. And yes, we’re looking foward to release it in Europe and Japan.

Edu Falaschi France : I’d like to know what do you learn with Edu Falaschi as producer ... I’m sure it’s very rewarding to work with an exprimented ans awesome musician and producer as him !

Gil Vasconcelos : We are constantly learning with Edu – about music composition, production, and, of course, about how to be professional and committed to our work. Again, we feel very lucky for having him as our proucer and for having this opportunity. We are very grateful to all he’s been doing for us.

Edu Falaschi France : Still Alive is from Rio De Janeiro ... Could you say more about the metal scene from Rio ?

Gil Vasconcelos : The metal scene in Rio is still small when in comparison to São Paulo. But, in the last years, some great bands have arisen, like Painside, Diva, Tribuzy and Thorn. I believe that the metal scene in Rio will get stronger and present amazing bands to the world.

Edu Falaschi France : Have you got something to add ?

Gil Vasconcelos : Just wanna thank you very much for this opportunity and all the support you have been giving to us. We are very grateful to you.

Edu Falaschi France : Thanks a lot for the interview and for your precious time ! We are looking forward to hear your debut album !!! We wish you the best for your recordings sessions ;) "

For more news : Still Alive Official Twitter / Official Myspace / Official Youtube