Sunday, September 5, 2010

Artemis, produced by Edu Falaschi : guitar sessions part 1

The band Artemis from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) has recently released a new video regarding his work at Norcal Studios (São Paulo, Brazil). In this video, Edu Falaschi comments the producing of the Artemis debut album with the two guitar players of the band, Nathan Grego and T-Bones. You can also see a few part of the recording sessions !

Here are Edu's, Nathan's and T-Bone's comments :

Edu Falaschi : "Hi folks, what's up ? This is Edu Falaschi. Today I'm at Norcal Studios with Artemis band which I'm producing ... We're about to finish the guitars, we already did the drumming parts and today we've finished the rhytms and lead guitars. Next week we will start the acoustic guitars and, after that, we're going to record the bass and vocals and then we've got the album finished. Probably the album will be finished before the "Expomusic". I'm here with these two guys ... Artemis guitar players, I will let them speak ... Here we have Nathan Grego, a great guitar player that soon you will know about his style. Come on Nathan !"

Nathan Grego : "The guitar lines were very difficult to record ... The solo parts were very hard to play but at the end everything worked like we wanted. We still have some acoustic guitars parts to do and some details were left to be solved ... But I'm pretty sure that you guys will have a great album with nice guitar stuff very soon !"

Edu Falaschi : "That's it ! Here we have "T-Bone", also a great guitar player ... Artemis has got two great guitar players that I'm sure that you guys will enjoy their playing very soon. So "T-Bone", tell us what you're thinking about our work."

T-Bone : "The producing has been hard, because every detail has got a lot of hard working and also everything has been very clear on the recording. We're recording with perfection to offer our best for you guys."

Edu Falaschi : "That's it ! I'm asking for their best in order to affer you guys a high level album ... The producing has been well done so far, we've got a high standard studio. Here we've got a great staff as well ...By the way, here we've recorded the latest Almah's, Kiko Loureiro's and Angra's album ... So this studio is already a reference point for heavy metal recordings. Very soon you will know Artemis and I hope you guys enjoy Artemis music, I'm pretty sure you will have a great surprise ... See you !"

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