Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Artemis (produced by Edu Falaschi) : Alírio Netto, new singer of the band

MS Metal Press Official release :

"The Experienced musician Alírio Netto (Khallice) is the new singer of the Brazilian band Artemis. The singer, originally hired only to record the debut album from the band leaded by the producer Edu Falaschi (Still Alive, Angra, Almah), was finally formalized in the band.

According to the drummer and mentor of Artemis, Pedro Senna : " I've always been a great fan of Khallice and Alírio Netto's voice, so having him beside me singing in my band is a great honour ! Edu Falaschi himself has cited him as one of his ten favorite Brazilain singers, and when we spoke about his entry in the band, Edu approuved on time. From the first meetings the ideas just flowed very quickly and we were sure he would fit perfectly in style and in the moment that the band is living. Level of music grew up after his arrival and now I can say with certainty that we found a great "Frontman". The album is taking shape and the results are surprising us. All the band is very excited and optimistic about what happen, and are looking forward to launch it and play live for up to the regions that we will be able to visit !

Artemis debut album, still untitled, is schedule to be lauched in the second half of thos year."

For more news : MS Metal Press / Alírio Netto Official Website