Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Edu Falaschi / Angra : end of the 1st shows of the Aqua World Tour in Brazil

From Edu Falaschi Official Website :

"Edu Falaschi and Angra have recently conclude the first three shows of Aqua World Tour. The gigs took place in three cities of Brazil – Salvador (Bahia), Campinas (SP) and João Pessoa (PB). According to Monica Fontes, Whiplash! reviewer, the album presentation in Salvador on August, 28th was accepted with a great enthusiasm of more than 3.000 audience. Angra played “the varied set-list representing the whole career of the band”, demonstrated “perfect teamwork” and “great inspiration and fun, coming back to stage after a really difficult period and coming up with one of the most significant albums in its history”. (The complete Whiplash review! in Portuguese).

Interestingly enough, right after the end of the show, a very heavy rain fell down on the city. It was like the Nature of this mysterious Brazilian region, Bahia, the center of old African cults and religions, blessed the beginning of the tour supporting the new album. Since the CD is called Aqua and dedicated to William Shakspeare’s masterpiece, The Tempest, it looks very symbolic. The show in Salvador included Angra’s classics, a few new songs and a special acoustic set in the middle of the show when all the public sang along to Late Redemption and other masterpieces. On Sept. 11th Angra rocked Campinas Hall in São Paulo state. And just two days later the band participated in the big Sun Rock Festival in João Pessoa, sharing the stage with such significant acts of global metal as Scorpions and Sepultura.

Now Japan and Taiwan are waiting for the next part of Angra’s World Tour. The band will take part in world-famous Loud Park festival with Ozzy Ozbourne, Korn and many other legendary bands on October 16-17th and then Angra will play the only show in Taipei on October 19th."

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