Thursday, September 9, 2010

Edu Falaschi / Angra : Aqua, first international CD reviews

From Edu Falaschi Official Website :

Aqua, the new album from Angra, has already been released in Japan (August 11th) and Brazil (August 17th) and will be available in Europe on September 27th and in North America on October 12th.

Here are the first international Cd reviews :

  • Sea Of Tranquility 4,5/5 :
“…Angra kick off with two splendid speedsters with a dual kick frenzy on “Arising Thunder” and then “Awake From Darkness”, next they ease proceedings back for “Lease Of Life”. Getting heavy again for “The Rage Of The Waters” which has more wonderful music. “Spirit Of The Air”, “Hollow” and “Monster In Her Eyes” are all very likeable as is “Ashes” which showcases vocalist Edu Falaschi’s wonderful voice and displays what a capable talent he is, a fitting closer to a fine album. But it’s “The Weakness Of Man” that has me hooked it is so very infectious and has it all, many light with some heavier moments, great music and vocals and then Angra topped it off with a charming chorus that is just spellbinding. Aqua is one of 2010′s prime releases, so yes Angra are back and they haven’t lost any of that musical magic”.

The complete review here.

  • Dangerdog 4.75/5.0 :
“…Passing over the intro, Aqua delivers a sonic assault with the pure melodic power metal of Arising Thunder. As typical as this piece my seem, it merely proves that the genre is vibrant and Angra masters it. Later, Rage of the Waters reinforces this perspective, but this piece brings in Angra’s affection for a more progressive sound. And this is where Angra shines the brightest. Hollow, Spirit of the Air, and the absolutely brilliant Lease of Life are dynamic compositions of musical power and intrigue. Strong song composition is empowered by some of the strongest musicianship from Angra on any album. With just a mention of these few brief examples, Aqua is singular piece of pure Angra brilliance.
I’m not sure if still want to wait another four years for another Angra LP, but with breadth and depth of Aqua I just might. Until then I’m just going to dig this album. Fans of Angra, and great melodic heavy metal, do not pass Aqua by. Strongly recommended!”

The complete review here.

  • SMNews 8/10 :
“…ANGRA’s sound is somewhere in the range of Kiske-era HELLOWEEN or a keyboardless SYMPHONY X. It has that familiar power metal sound, but without being too “flowery.”
The Andre Matos era is well behind them. Vocalist Edu Falaschi has been in the band since 2001 and fits in quite nicely. The harmonies and melodies really shine on this album. The production pushes guitarists Raphael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro’s sound to the front with a heavy, progressive edge. Their melodic-yet-aggressive power metal is very slick and polished, but that’s what makes Angra such a great band and Aqua such a great album…”

The complete review here.

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