Monday, August 31, 2009

Edu Falaschi / Artemis : the band gives some news on his blog !

Edu Falaschi and Artemis

Here is the Artemis post (August 26 th) on his official blog, about the pre production of the debut album of the band Edu Falaschi:

"Pre production of the album - Part II

We finally restart to work on March, 29 in the afternoon. Edu Falaschi came to studio much more confident since he had already known the band better. In the first section everything happened very fast, so we all believed that it would be more dynamic this time and we weren’t wrong about that. We turned on all the equipment and finished a song that we began when he came in the first time. This track, in special, sounds different because it has elements from Hard Rock to Thrash Metal, passing by melodic and obscure parts. It seems weird but actually everything is connected.

On the next day we did the last adjustments on that song and began a new one. We realized that the band is getting its own identity without leaving the influences of each other. As the line-up and style of the band has changed, we were concerned about our fate, but everything is going alright and we are happy with the results so far. It is important to mention the guitar players, Gabriel Soto and Nathan Grego, who have been made a good work and play together very well which is crucial for a band with two guitarists. They are so technical and combine their styles very well: the melodic licks from Nathan Grego and the heavier from Gabriel Soto.

In the rest of week we finished more two songs, made some necessary adjustments and enjoyed the time playing Playstation 2 and Winning Eleven that we and Edu like it a lot. (watch the pics above)

On Friday (April, 3rd) Edu returned to São Paulo and should come to Brasília on June to continue composing. We have great expectations about that.

Origin : Artermis official blog

"Pre production of the album - Part III

Hello everybody!

We are almost finishing the pre-productions, the vibe is great, the members are playing together very well and the results have been fantastic!

At this time, Edu and our band could finish more four songs which means that we have eight complete tracks and now only last two ones to do the final adjustments, start the rehearsals, and then go to the studio.

Our anxiety has been growing and we are sure that it is a strong material to present. Now we have two great songs: one is progressive, with eight minutes, extremely heavy (it reminds Metallica and Dream Theater on the Train of Thought album), many different vibes and an Egyptian introduction. The other is more melodic with a complex instrumental part, leaving the standard compass 4/4, switching to a sequence 7/8, 5/8, 3/4 and returning to 4/4. Speaking in a simple way, this is a break and sometimes it seems confused, but the musicians know that it is very hard and requires much technic and focus to do.

That’s it. We will give you more information about the pre-productions soonest."

Origin : Artemis official blog

Thanks to Artemis for these great news ;)

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