Monday, August 3, 2009

Edu Falaschi producer : news!

MS Metal Press official note :

"The band Still Alive from Rio de Janiero officially annouced that Edu Falaschi, singer of the bands Angra and Almah, is the producer of their debut album, untitled yet, which will be launched on the first half of next year. Edu falaschi said : "The CD will be fantastic, with great songs and a powerfull energy ! We are working hard on songs, the evolution is great and the pre production is running very well !"

According to Still Alive guitarist, Gil Vasconselos : "Edu arrived on last Saturday in Rio de Janiero, on july 25, to start the pre production, of the album with us. The album has no name yet, and its release is planned for April/May 2010. Edu falaschi is one of the best producers of Brazilian heavy-metal, see his work on the first Almah's two albums. He is a great professional and a great person."

Edu Falaschi also left a message on Still Alive official myspace :

And Still Alive band has posted the following message on his official Myspace last Friday:

Gil Vasconselos : "Hey! What's up my friends ?

As you know, Edu Falaschi (Angra/Almah) is producing our new album! We've just started the pre-production.

It's going to be AWESOME! The songs are getting fantastic. Edu is an excellent producer, and an amazing human being.

We've decided to delete the old songs from our myspace player, since we are entering a new era. Soon, we will post some demos from this forthcoming album.

For now, you can check out a message from Edu on our MS player.

Check out Almah's myspace page to hear the last production by Edu Falaschi:

Thank you very much for the support!


Gil & Still Alive"

For more news : Still Alive official Myspace