Friday, October 1, 2010

Official Edu Falaschi Fan-Club : news of the month

Dear Edu Falaschi's fans ;

Here the news of the month on Fan-Club website !

** News of the month : "Aqua", the new Angra's album will be available in Europe from October 4th ! You can already make your pre-order here :

* France

* Swizerland

* Germany

* Sweden
CD Ltd

* England

We remind you that Fan-Club makes available the script of "Tempest" play of William Shakespeare, which inspired the concept of "Aqua" ! The script is availlable in three languages : English, French and Portuguese !

You can also download the first single from the album, "Arising Thunder", in "singles and demos" topic !

** New photo gallery : Fan-Club offers you a new photo gallery called "Edu Falaschi producer". This new photo gallery will allow you to keep you informed regarding the production work of Edu Falaschi with the bands Artemis, Still Alive and Angels Holocaust at Norcal Studios (São Paulo, Brazil), whose albums will be release at the end of this year !

** Live pics of the month : Fan-Club offers 29 new pics of Edu Falaschi taken during his latest shows with Angra in Brazil (Aqua World Tour 2010) !

** Videos of the month : latest videos from our gallery :
  • Edu Falaschi producer

- Artemis, Guitar sessions part.1

- Artemis, Guitar sessions part.2

- Angels Holocaust, recordings

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