Thursday, October 7, 2010

Artemis, produced by Edu Falaschi : bass sessions part 1

Check out the new video from the Brazilian band Artemis, produced by Edu Falaschi, presenting the first part of Artemis bass sessions at Norcal studios (São Paulo, Brazil) with the comments of Giovanni Sena (Artemis bass player), Edu Falaschi (producer) and Brendan Duffey (owner of Norcal Studios and sound engineer) :

Comments from the video :

Edu Falaschi : "Hi Folks, what's up ? We're back at the Norcal studios ... This time we're recording the Artemis bass lines. We're here with the bass player Giovanni Sena, who's not Pedro relative, who plays the drums. Now we're finishing the bass recordings ... We did a lot of songs, and if I'm not wrong, there are two songs left. We probably finish tomorrow and I believe in one more month we finish the whole album with the vocals and the mix. So, very soon you're gonna have a preview of one of the songs probably on their site. Now the words is with Giovanni and he will present himself and talk a little bit about his history ..."

Giovanni Sena : B"efore everything, I'd like to say that I'm very happy with the bass sound, I've gor the support from our friend Brendan from the Norcal. The sound is awesome ... The production is "hors concours", I can't tell enough. Edu is helping me a lot, many good ideas ... To be honest we're here to add and improve the final product which is the album ...I'm pretty sure that you guys, will enjoy a lot."

Edu Falaschi : "Sure. We're working some time here at Norcal ... I've been made some works here and Angra itself did its album here ... And ... Brendan (Duffey) and Adriano (Daga) are fundamental part in all production. Brendan is here with us ... He can talk a little about Artemis."

Brendan Duffey : "The production started one month ago.It was recorded all the guitars, and now the bass ... And to be honest, the way he played the bass is already edited. We're using a Roland Cube, the same we used with Almah (Fragile Equality). The sound is getting awesome. It will be nice !"

Edu Falaschi : "We have the whole album almost done ... It's missing the vocals and orchestration parts, mixing, then you're gonna have the awesome Artemis album. Heavy metal fans, Angra fans, Helloween fans, melodic metal fans will enjoy because the sound is in this field ... However they are no limited to this. They have modern songs, a little bit of hard rock as well. Besides the guys are young, the arrangements were well done. Aside from my person ... Giovanni is not that young anymore, the other guys are like twenty ... I'm alredy old and tired (laughs). But they're still playing very well, and you will see the awesome Artemis CD very soon."

For more news : Artemis Official Youtube Channel / Edu Falaschi Official Website