Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Angels Holocaust produced by Edu Falaschi : video from the studio

Edu Falaschi is producing the new EP "Crystal Night" of Angels Holocaust (Brazil). Formed in 2009 by the singer Rodrigo Cafundó, Angels Holocaust released his first EP "Auschwitz (Lost Dreams)" in June 2009, which was well receive by press and metal fans. The band is now at Norcal Studios in São Paulo, working on the production of his new EP which will include three songs and the first video of the band as a multimedia section.

According to the vocalist Rodrigo Cafundó : "This is a great opportunity for Angels Holocaust! Our motivation is getting even stronger due to our work with Edu. We count on the experience that he has got during his international career and believe that he will bring a lot of improvements into the sound of the band. He is a great producer and all out team has the highest expectations possible regarding the quality of the upcoming EP".

"Crystal Night" should be released in the 2nd half of 2010 in Brazil.

Check out the video of the recordings of Angels Holocaust with Edu Falaschi at Norcal Studios :

For more news : Angels Holocaust Official Youtube / Official Myspace