Monday, October 25, 2010

Edu Falaschi / Angra : Lease Of Life, official video clip

The Band Angra from São Paulo has recently officially launched the latest video clip of his career. The song chosen was "Lease Of Life" and the video counting with the production of Paulo Calencci, the photographer Kaue Zilli and was directed by Richard Guidara, with the participation of the actress Vanessa Cristina.

The production compagny responsible for the video, Alcateia Filmes, released the video yesterday at Vimeo.

Lease of Life
Album: Aqua

Director: Ricardo Guidara
Assistant director: Henrique Danieletto
Photographer: Kaue Zilli
Producer: Paulo Calencci
Actress: Vanessa Cristina
Production company: Alcateia Filmes

Edu Falaschi about "Lease Of Life" from the album "Aqua" (Edu Falaschi Official Website) :

“I composed this song on the piano. First I got the main riff, then I created quickly the rest of the song but chorus and the end, Some days later I had the idea to create a song with a different structure, and in Lease of Life, the chorus just happen only one time during the whole song, and it’s explosive and full of emotions! A very sentimental and epic “Gran Finale”! This song has everything to do with the context of its lyrics. It starts calm, mysterious and full of hope. Then passion grows along the song as something impossible to control to suddenly find its climax in a very pleasant and melancholic energy! This song is about a prohibited love between Miranda, daughter of the usurped Duke of Milan, and Ferdinand, the son of one of the Duke’s betrayers. Their love is above any vengeance, angry and greed – the main vein inside this fantastic Shakespeare story!”

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