Monday, July 26, 2010

Edu Falaschi will be back in Taiwan on tour with Angra

MS Metal Press / Angra Official note :

Angra has just confirmed a concert in Taiwan in support to the upcoming tour of their seventh studio album “Aqua”. The show is scheduled to October, 19th and it will be the fourth performance of the band in Taipei where they have a lot of fans.

Here are the first dates confirmed of the upcoming tour :

- ANGRA, Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil) – December, 05 /2010
- ANGRA, Curitiba/PR (Brazil) – December, 03 / 2010
- ANGRA, São Paulo/SP (Brazil) – November, 12 / 2010
- ANGRA, Taipei (Taiwan) – October, 19 / 2010
- ANGRA, Loud Park Festival (JAPAN) – October, 16-17 / 2010
- ANGRA, Belo Horizonte/MG (Brazil) – September, 18 / 2010
- ANGRA, João Pessoa, PB (Brazil) – September, 12 / 2010

In the meantime Angra continues to book the shows for their next world tour in support to the seventh studio album “Aqua” which will be released on August, 11th and 17th in Japan and Brazil respectively.

The release date in Europe will be announced by the media vehicles as soon as be defined.

Please contact Base2 Management by phone (+55.11.3673-2758) or e-mail ( to book a concert in your city.

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