Sunday, July 25, 2010

Edu Falaschi : interview Play TV

Edu Falaschi with his band Angra, has recently been interviewed by Adriana Farias, from PlayTV, about the Japanese universe and their long lasting connection. Here are the answers from Edu ! (English translation from Angra Official Webiste).

"PlayTV – You are known for participating in the Anime events in Brazil. How many Anime Friends editions did you play with ANGRA or ALMAH (Edu Falaschi side project)?

Edu Falaschi – It is the first time that ANGRA participates in this kind of show but all of us have already performed individually specially at Anime Friends.

PlayTV – But do you have a connection with the Anime universe?

Edu Falaschi – We intend to continue close to these people who enjoy cosplay, cartoon and Japanese series because in fact everybody enjoyed those things in the childhood. We have already watched many Japanese series and we like this kind of audience. They rock in the shows and really love ANGRA.

PlayTV – Has this relation begun when Edu recorded the songs for “Saint Seiya”?

Edu Falaschi – It started with an invitation from Álamo (dubbing studio). They needed to select a Heavy Metal vocalist who was known in the media to record the soundtrack, so I was invited to sing “Pegasus Fantasy” and “Blue Forever”, from Saint Seiya. After that I was invited again to record “Never”, another song for the movies. As from there I have been taking ANGRA to perform in all Anime events.

PlayTV – So a big part of the ANGRA fans can be also considered as Anime ones?

Edu Falaschi – Our fans enjoy not only Anime but also RPG and videogames. People who like this sound end up enjoying ANGRA since the most of game and cartoon soundtracks are made by Heavy Metal songs, so they identify themselves with the band."

To read the complete interview, go on Angra French blog !

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