Friday, July 9, 2010

Edu Falaschi / Angra : "Arising Thunder", 1st single

MS Metal Press Official Press Release :

"Angra, the band from São Paulo, officialy announced on July 10 the launch of the first single from their seventh full lenght album "Aqua". The composition chosen was "Arising Thunder" and the material will be available on the Myspace page of the band in the early hours of Friday (July 09) to Saturday (July 10).

According to the guitarist Rafael Bittencourt : "Arising Thunder" is a loud music, fast and catchy. It was chosen to run away from the choice of the most commercial song from the album. Certainly fans will be impressed with its speed and fury, and by its choruses, one of the most striking choruses of our career. It portrays well the cycles of "water" element, hightlighting the fine line between storm and calm."

The singer Eduardo Falaschi, one of the composers of the band, also talks about the new single : "This song was originally composed to be a ballad, but I realized all its potential yet in the process of creation. So, I tried to turn it into a power metal song. Fortunately I was right, the direction of this track is perfect to represent the heart of the history of Shakespeare ! It's violent, dramatic and vigorous as the first lines narrated in "The Tempest" history ! "Arising Thunder" sounds perfectly for an epic beginning, totaly connected with the letters that illustrates all Propero's fury and his desire of vengeance. I think all fans will love and will sing with us at our shows for the next tour".

As "Aqua", the design of the cover of "Arising Thunder" was created by renowned Brazilain artist Gustavo Sazes, with the supervisation of the guitarists Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro."

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