Friday, April 8, 2011

Edu Falaschi comments the new Almah's album on Twitter

From Almah Official Website :

Edu Falaschi came up with a special comment in Portuguese for his Twitter's followers where the musician tells about the third Almah's album. Here you can check out the English translation of Edu's words:

"The new Almah will be really heavy! But, first of all, it will be UP-TO-DATE! The last thing I would like to do now, is to record the same cliches that have been repeated over the decades! The new CD will affirm the identity of the band! It will be a style which I love and adore! I've been looking for this kind of satisfaction as a musician and as a person over the years!"

At the moment, the band are preparing the material for their next studio album, as-yet-untitled. The follow-up of Fragile Equality is planned to be released in September 2011 worldwide.

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