Thursday, November 11, 2010

Artemis (produced by Edu Falaschi) : bass sessions part 2

Here is the second part of the bass recordings of the band Artemis, produced by Edu Falaschi at Norcal Studios, São Paulo (Brazil). (Check out the Bass sessions part1 here).

In this video you can watch Giovanni Sena, bass player of Artemis at work, with some explanations of Adriano Daga, sound ingineer (Almah, Angra) responsible for Artemis recordings:

Adriano Daga about bass recordings : "My name is Adriano Daga, I'm responsible for the Artemis recordings, and here we're using a Roland Bass amp ... Despite of its size it is very efficient, nowadays the size doesn't count on the recordings as you noticed. And there are two mics, which are Shure Beta 52 and a SM 57. One responsible for the bass and mid bass ...and the SM 57 responsible for the high and mid high. And at the same time, we're getting a bass line sound."

For more news : Artemis Official Youtube