Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Edu Falaschi about Ronnie James Dio on Twitter

Edu Falaschi "I still can't believe that my great idol passed away! Two days before my birthday, what a "present" of the destiny! Your Lesson will be always with me!

Many thanks to all fans and friends for their love ! You know how much I love you guys and I love this madness called Heavy Metal ! Thousand kisses and hugs !

Thinking that my love for heavy metal began when I bought my first album, "The Last In Line" for my 12th birthday !

It was this : I earned some money from my grandmother, and ran to a record store and asked to the salesman, "Do you have a disk of heavy"?

He looked at me and smiles and said, take this ! I bought it and ran to hear it on the record player of my father, I push the volume and ...

From the first note my future was mapped out ! I heard the most beautiful voice in the world : Ronnie James Dio, the master of masters !

Because of a day like today, my birthday, I'm here with you guys ! Thanks to accompany me in my life ! "

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