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Edu Falaschi / Angra : interview Whiplash part II

Here is an English translation of the second part of the Edu Falaschi's interview with Angra by MS Metal Press published on Whiplash.

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English translation by Edu Falaschi Official Myspace.

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"MS Metal Press : Let's talk about the tour with Sepultura again! It was very cool to see how the guitarist Andreas Kisser confirmed this union to be very positive, despite of the difference of the genres of both bands. Did Angra expect such a success in the beginning of the tour?

Edu Falaschi : We've really become very happy with the whole project. Andreas and all the guys in Sepultura are very cool persons, so no wonder to see these positive declarations from them. I'm sure that the mutual feelings are more than true.

MS Metal Press : Rafael launched a great album with Bittencourt Project, Edu got almost all the possible awards with "Fragile Equality" of Almah, Kiko Loureiro released 2 excellent albums in different styles ("Fullblast" and "Neural Code"), Ricardo is more devoted to Shaman than ever and Felipe actively produces new talents. All this makes the fans feel worry, moreover, some of them are really afraid that Angra is not your priority anymore. Who can answer this question?

Edu Falaschi : I'm like Kiko has already told. Since we are musicians and live exclusively by music, we had a necessity to continue our own careers while Angra was forcedly stopped. Due to this reason we all were occupied by our own works and engagements, and now we are going to arrange our whole schedule respecting our fans and promoters. Be it Almah, Bittencourt Project, Shaman, Neural Code, etc.

MS Metal Press : As everybody knows, all the guys in Sepultura are outstanding figures. And Paulo also is one of the most amusing persons of the national metal scene. How are the relationships between both bands going on, I mean on the road, when you are not on stage?

Edu Falaschi : Paulo really kicks ass :lol: Yes, it's a lot of fun to get along with them. And this is for sure, besides that we share some of our experiences and one gets to know more about the history of another. For me it's an infinite honor and a great experience to play with them. Even after having played in Angra for more than 10 years, it's always good to learn more and more.

MS Metal Press : The album "Aurora Consurgens" received various kinds of criticism after its release. I believe it happened more due to the fact that it was issued after the real masterpiece "Temple Of Shadows", than due to lack of good material there. How do you consider this stuff now, after a few years have passed? What kind of atmosphere was in the studio at that time?

Edu Falaschi : I think the disc itself is quite good. It's not the one I prefer, but I consider it to be very good. It wasn't the best atmosphere at that period of time. Who knows, if it had been better, we could have recorded some different CD. I don't mean better CD, I say different. Everything is very relative.

MS Metal Press : At the end of all the shows you come together with Sepultura on stage to play this historical jam including some classical parts of Korzus, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. What does this meeting mean for you and how did the selection of the songs happen?

Edu Falaschi : This part of the show is very spontaneous and natural, and this is the moment to commemorate. As to the choice of the songs, it happened without my presence, but this is perfect! Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are always a kind of challenge.

MS Metal Press : There were a lot of speculations concerning Aquiles Priester's leaving the band. To dot your i's and cross your t's, for what reasons was he fired? Do some bad feelings between all the parts involved still exist or on the contrary do you keep some personal contact?

Edu Falaschi : I prefer not to give any comments regarding this matter.

MS Metal Press : Aquiles Priester has declared a few times that there was no space for his compositions in Angra. Was it one of the reasons of his departure?*

Edu Falaschi : Look, if it were the truth, such songs like "Nova Era", "Spread Your Fire", "Angels And Demons", "Bleeding Heart", "Course Of Nature", "Heroes Of Sand", "Whishing Well" etc wouldn't exist. All these compositions are mine, some of them were created with co-authors, the others not. Clearly, there were many other problems in Angra, but regarding this point no one can complain about anything.

MS Metal Press : Another project with you involved could be interesting for us: recording of some audio/visual material with an orchestra on stage. Have you already thought about something like this? Is there a chance that it can happen in the future?

Edu Falaschi : Who knows, maybe one day it would be great to see some songs like "Nova Era", "Carry On", "The Shadow Hunter" and "Heroes Of Sand" with the band and an orchestra.

MS Metal Press : A big part of the fans has rare and unofficial materials (bootlegs) describing Angra's career. Is there any opportunity to open the Pandora's box and finally to release some CD full of rarities?

Edu Falaschi : Great idea, but we'd rather check if there's something, which really deserves to be published. There's a cool idea to create some "Angra Convention", where diverse fans together with the band could exchange materials, show rare and un-released things among other surprises.

MS Metal Press : Rafael Bittencourt has always been one of the most active composers on the albums of the band. Though, on "Aurora Consurgens" Felipe, Edu and Kiko have more credits than before. Can we wait for something like this in relation of compositions for the next album of the band?

Edu Falaschi : Honestly, I think usually there were one or three songs of mine and enough of them divided between Kiko and Rafael. There were two songs signed by my name in "Aurora Consurgens", like it was with almost all the albums. The best thing that came with "Aurora Consurgens" was one song by Felipe.

MS Metal Press : The new album by Andre Matos "Mentalize" with re-recorded Angra's song "Don't Despair" has been recently issued. His record label released a statement where the fans were asked not to download the album. Has Angra already thought about the format of the next CD? Is there any opportunity to have it published on the website for free?

Edu Falaschi : This is a secret. But to be honest, I consider it to be an absurdity to give the songs for free! The band spends a lot of money to do well-done production, being full of care and zeal, and then people come and download it for free. It's like I would go to supermarket and take to home tons of products without payment. People want to enjoy listening to the music, relaxing, becoming excited, delighted, and to love certain artist, there's nothing more natural than to pay for it. In the end, an artist is a professional in the music and has to pay many expenses to push his masterpiece to the market. Imagine, if they want to see the shows for free as well?

MS Metal Press : I think a brasileiro should respect the work of musicians more.

Edu Falaschi : People should realize how much a musician invests in a CD, in a show production, among other things. There are many professionals involved in the process to make an album real. Today it seems that to be a fan and buy a CD means to do some charity for a band. It seems to me that people think that the artists have obligations to give their music for free, only to see it released. What we have exactly nowadays, is a big inversion of values.

MS Metal Press : Thank you for your time doing this interview. All the team of the site wishes all of you the promising future regarding the new phase of your career. If something is still forgotten, it's a moment for the final credits.
Edu Falaschi: Thanks a lot to all our dear fans who support me for more than 20 years of my career."

Interview by Monica Fontes, Ellen Garabini for MS Metal Press.

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