Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Edu Falaschi / Angra : interview Whiplash

Here is an English translation of an Edu Falaschi's interview with Angra by MS Metal Press published on Whiplash.

To read the whole interview (in Portuguese) go on Whiplash !

English translation by Edu Falaschi Official Myspace.

"MS Metal Press : Presently, you are already playing the second part of your tour with Sepultura, what is the result and what did you learn from this union for now?

Edu Falaschi: Everything is going on very well. The team-work of both bands is perfect. On the other hand, the friendship and partnership have always been the key elements during this tour and we had everything going on perfectly all the time! I believe that from marketing point of view this tour is working very well for the Brazilian metal stage.

MS Metal Press : This union of Angra and Sepultura is a great deal for our scene, and the most interesting thing is the fact that every show you change the set list. Personally, I like very much Edu Falaschi’s interpretation of the songs of André Matos’ period, like “Lisbon” or “Silence And Distance”, in some cases they were real highlights.

Edu Falaschi: It’s real cool when we vary the set and we can see different reaction at every show, clearly, besides the opportunity to always have something new to sing. The songs you cite fit the best way with my performance, they are not so shrill and have a real favorable harmony. Obviously, even songs written by me like “Nova Era” or “Spread Your Fire” are made in high tones but within normal range. There are some older songs beyond the tessitura of a male voice, and what I really don’t like is to sing them, ‘cos this is not my cup of tea.

MS Metal Press : Besides the fact that Ricardo Confessori participated in the old line-up of the band, a big part of the fans had some fear, generally because of the different style of Ricardo in comparison to Aquiles Priester’s one. A few shows passed, so how has it working with him?

Edu Falaschi: Fans have accepted him quite good. He is going through the adaptation period yet. He has no problems with the old songs and in the ones of Aquiles’ period he is creating new ways to play. In many cases we keep original arrangements, in the others he improvises on top of the existing level and this is very cool.

MS Metal Press : Some fans have complained on internet forums about the lack of shows in some big Brazilian cities, like Salvador, Teresina, among others. What is being done to remedy of these misses in Angra's schedule ?

Edu Falaschi: To complete what Rafa said, this problem doesn't depend of the band itself, it's the work of the production team. But there are also other factors, such as the local producer, appropriate venues, dates available on our schedule, etc...

MS Metal Press : Now Angra works with a new team, including Base2 Produções and MS Metal Press. How do you value their work together with you, musicians?

Edu Falaschi: I have always told that the real force is in a union! Together with these people we can make many things work. All the persons involved in the work of any band are very important. Roadies, technics, engineers, management, booking, press manager, driver etc. Of course, without them the things wouldn’t work. There’s no point in recording an album like Temple Of Shadows without having these angels together with us to make things work.

MS Metal Press : Angra has always used EP and singles to promote upcoming albums. I remember, it was about to release some new EP in the period of Aurora Consurgens, but that stuff had never been released, also because you interrupted your activity in the middle the tour supporting that album.

Edu Falaschi: That period of time was quite difficult! We had different cool ideas during all the band’s career, some of them worked but the others remained only on paper. It was not because of our wish, but more due to bureaucratic reasons than ‘cos of any other motives.

MS Metal Press : It seems to me, that you three (Edu, Kiko and Rafael) as the best and the most prolific composers on the national scene already have enough stuff for the next album of Angra. How the new thing is expected to sound, what direction has been chosen?

Edu Falaschi: I believe that everyone has various songs up their sleeves. As for me, I have some stuff in Angra’s style already composed, from ballads to fast songs etc. But we haven’t discussed the direction of the next CD, I just know that at the least it will be fantastic!

MS Metal Press : It seems to me that some problems concerning the old management still exist, will it concern the next album of Angra? What is about the lawsuit regarding the brand today?

Edu Falaschi: Really, those who really know it are the advocates, and my part is to make music and sing. I’m really concentrated on this leaving these problems for those who are concerned. I wish nothing would hurt the course of the band’s career, but we can’t guarantee anything as yet. In the end, the person who makes decisions is the judge. The future pertains to the God.

MS Metal Press : As everybody knows, the fans of Angra and Sepultura behave quite differently. How do you manage it and how were you accepted by the fans from different camp? Some positive or negative facts concerning this subject?

Edu Falaschi: To be honest, I thought that we could have many problems due to the fact that the styles of our bands differ so much. But I can remember very few cases of total ignorance and a lack of intelligence during all this tour, among more than 10.000 people who already visited our shows. It made me very happy to see that the most of the aversion disappeared in the face of the fact that the union of Angra and Sepultura is very important for the metal scene in Brazil. I’m glad to feel that the sensitivity and the intellect of our fans are evolved enough and we can forget few ones who are not in this way."

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