Monday, June 8, 2009

Edu Falaschi / Angra : review of the show in Rio De Janeiro and pics

Here is an English translation (sorry for my bad English ...) of the review of the Angra's concert in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) on last May 29, published Whiplash by Monica Fontes :

Set-list :

Carry On / Nova Era
Waiting Silence
Angels Cry
The Course Of Nature
Make Believe
Acid Rain
Metal Icarus
Late Redemption
Nothing To Say
Spread Your Fire

"After more than two years away from stage because of some administrative and business problems, the band Angra announced its come back on stage and scheduled a tour with another great name of the national metal, Sepultura. During the month of May, the two internationally renowed bands, passed by several important cities in Brazil, including Rio De Janeiro, and will continue their tour on August in the North East of the country and Latina America.

The expectations for the show in Rio was high, which was natural because Angra changed its line-up and has been for a long time without playing live. Some wanted to watch the Ricardo Confessori's performance, came back in the band to replace Aquiles Priester, others wanted to see the duo of guitarists Loureiro / Bittencourt, considered by many as the best of the country and, more generally, everyone wanted to see the band on stage again. Moreover, Sepultura's public was also presents in number.

The band Angra was the first to play and the concert began with "Carry On", followed by "Nova Era", as during the last tour of the band for the album "Aurora Consurgens". It was a good idea, preventing the requests of "Carry On" from the public during the all concert.

The band changed its set-list, composed by several standards, from all the albums. "Acid rain" was played in Rio, but not in Sao Paulo, "Bleeding Heart" in Porto Alegre, but not in Rio, and so on. What surprised the public was "Lisbon", they never played with the new line-up. The song was well received by the public, Edu Falaschi singing in his own way without copying the original version from André Matos. The result is great and pleased the fans. One of the highlights of the concert was "late Redemption", with the working public (and beautiful) participation, on parts performed by Milton Nascimento. Everyone in the band was visibly happy to be back on stage and the public certainly felt that, and answered in a very positive way during the all concert.

The band closed the show with "Nothing To Say", one of the favorite songs of the public. But as expected, fans asked "bis" and the band came back on stage with "Rebirth", sung in unisson by all, and ending with "Spread Your Fire".

Wrong points were the absence of "Carolina IV", "Heroes Of Sand" and "Bleeding Heart" in the set-list, and also sound of Daniel Santos Keyboards, barely audible in some parts of the show.

Otherwise, it was great to see Angra comes back in activities, with a public always loyal, regardless of the band's line-up. "

Monica Fontes, Whiplash

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