Friday, June 5, 2009

Edu Falaschi / Almah : new single will debut on Great Amazon Radio

The new Almah's single, "All I Am" in acoustic version, was finally confirmed in the Amazonas state (Brazil). This time, the song, from the second album of the band Fragile Equality, will be the highlight of Drops Vertial's play-list, with the presentation and production of Russo and Amarildo broadcasters.

The broadcasting Drops Vertical is available via Radio vertical's official website, from 22h00 to 0h00 (Brazilian Time), ans "All I Am" will display on June 05 edition (Friday).

MS Metal Press

If you want to listen Radio vertical's broadcasting, I remind you that we have 5 hours of time-lag with Brazil. The programm will be broadcasted for us on June 06 between 3h00 and 5h00 am.

For more news : Radio Vertical official website

If you want broadcast on your radio the new Almah's single "All I Am", contact Almah France to the following address :