Sunday, June 28, 2009

Edu Falaschi / Almah and Illustria together for a great show in Sao Paulo

Edu Falaschi (Almah/Angra) and Tito Falaschi (Illustria)

Official note from MS Metal Press and Edu Falaschi official website :

"Bands Almah and Illustria will play on next July 31 in Sao Paulo city, in one of the most mythical concert hall of Sao Paulo, the Manifesto Bar.

Almah, who takes advantage of a break in the Angra's schedule, continues its tour to promote its second studio album, Fragile Equality. The band has the experience of the singer Edu Falaschi and bassist Felipe Andreoli, together with guitarists Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber, line-up completed by the drummer Marcelo Moreira. "Where it's possible, we schedule new dates for Almah. We have a powerful album in our hands and we want to extend its promotion in Brazil" said Edu Falaschi.

The band Illustria, new band on Brazilian scene, but with a strong line-up with Tito Falaschi (bass and vocals, ex Symbols), Clarissa Moraes (vocals), Derli Pontes and Tatiana Pará (guitars), Nina Pará (batterie) andt Samuel Cirelli (ckeyboards), will perform its compositions from its EP Demons Of War, and some metal standards.

According to Tito Falaschi : "We are very pleased with the receptivity of our work, so fans could always expect the Illustria's best in our shows ! We'll play songs from Demons Of War and some standards in order to do head banging everybody in Manifesto. "

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