Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Artemis (produced by Edu Falaschi) : vocal sessions

Here is a video report regarding vocal sessions of the band Artemis, produced by Edu Falaschi, filmed at Norcal Studios (São Paulo, Brazil) a few month ago :

Edu Falaschi (producer) and Alírio Netto (vocals) comments, excerpts from the video :

Edu Falaschi : "Hi folks, what's up ?
We're back at Norcal Studios finishing Artemis debut album. We have here Alírio Netto ... He's a great friend and it's an honor having Alírio joining the band. As a matter of fact things have changed and Alírio was asked to put his voice on the Artemis album. I got very happy because I'm an Alírio's fan. It's great having a great singer in a band which I'm producing ... Now I'm pretty sure that the whole album will be perfect. At the moment, we are finishing a couple of songs. We still have a couple of days recording voices, and then we will record the chorus part. We're very happy and we'd like that you guys keep searching about of Artemis. And stay tuned about the news from Artemis recordings ... I'll let Netto introduce himself in order to you guys know more about him.

Alírio Netto : I make your words mine ... It's a great pleasure being here and being produced by Edu, because we know each other for some years and he's already know about my voice and he helped me reaching results that I never imagined. The other recordings I did, my voice used to go for a certain style like Dream Theater, Rush... And Edu understood how my voice works and he managed to get a better adavantage of it. And he said this experience has been awesome and I think we ended up getting closer. I think you guys will enjoy the album. It's worth for you guys to check it up.

Edu Falaschi : As he said we already have this friendship and I asked him : "Can I produce you so much until we lose our friendship ?", because in general producers have to be tough in order to have great results. Of course, working with Netto, things get easier because he already knows what to do, singing notes well tuned. We did this work together and we got great stuff here. We still have a couple of songs left but I'm pretty sure the whole album will be at least a work of art. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy a lot. We have this guys here, that I think you already know, who recorded guitars and drums. There are two guitar players, you will listen to their talent. They are very good musicians. After listening to the album I can say that they are great musicians, composers and we have here two of the best guitar players from Brazils. And we also have here the drummer, this kid is a phenomenon. He's still twelve ..."Happy Feet" (because of the double bass). He just turned to eighteen, he plays very well ... He's prodigious. I'm pretty sure this album will enchant you guys. In general kids are worried in playing fast notes, just showing technical stuff, and even though they show this side they are also worried showing great songs. And that's the reason I accepted doing this job.When I heard the songs for the first time I thought this is something that is worthy. Soon you guys will have Artemis. See ya soon !"

For more news : Artemis Official Youtube / Edu Falaschi official Twitter