Friday, March 4, 2011

Angels Holocaust about Edu Falaschi as producer

From Edu Falaschi Official Website :

"Brazilian metallers Angels Holocaust launched the new demo EP “Crystal Night” in the beginning of February. The material was recorded, mixed and mastered at Norcal Studios in São Paulo under direction of the renowned musician and producer Edu Falaschi. Angels Holocaust’s frontman, Rodrigo Cafundó, tells about the work with Edu in the interview for Heavy Banger blog. Check out the parts of the article dedicated to Edu Falaschi here! You can check out the songs of the band produced by Edu Falaschi at the following link:

Heavy Banger : This time the band has got to significant conquests and among them there’s the production of the new EP “Crystal Night” by famous Edu Falaschi, the vocalist of Angra and Almah. What does it mean for you and the band?

Rodrigo Cafundó : This is a great achievement! Right now, with the complete material in our hands which we have intensively broadcast through our official sources, we’ve got the idea, how it is important! The work of Edu, the quality of Norcal Studios and, of course, everything we have learned during the process, all this has influenced us in various aspects. We are more concentrated, we are extremely focused on everything we do now. I’m totally sure that these 15 days that we spent in São Paulo producing our new EP made us grow up a lot as musicians and as persons. It was unique experience to work together with Edu, with this real master!

Heavy Banger : Many recognized bands prefer to make the final touches to their albums, to the mastering, in the studios abroad, for example, in Germany, Sweden and other countries. Can it happen in the same way with a future CD of Angels Holocaust?

Rodrigo Cafundó : It’s too early to confirm it as yet, but the professionals and the whole infrastructure today in Brazil have excellent level and our intention is to continue our partnership with Edu Falaschi and Norcal Studios. We are extremely satisfied with the final result of our new work.

Heavy Banger : Do you plan any special participations? Many people would like to hear even the duet of Edu Falaschi and André Matos, the actual singer of Symfonia. (smiles) Is there any chance of it?

Rodrigo Cafundó : Hahaha, well, it could be a real dream for us too! As I affirmed in other interviews, our partnership with Edu is to make the production of the band. And I confirm that I became surprised with his methods of working. He’s a very professional and talented man. We became really amazed! But, returning to the question, we got to know André playing together in our home city, Itapetininga and gave a collective interview. He’s an icon here, one of the best voices, so it could be an honour for us. But as to Edu Falaschi, I’m very partial… very interested person to tell something about him… I follow his career since Symbols and I believe that today he’s one of the principal representatives of Brazil. He is the vocalist of Angra and Almah, soon he’ll take part in Kamelot show here, besides being a great artist in general and, YES, I hope to sing as a duet together with him for the debut long-length album of Angels Holocaust!"

Read the complete interview in Portuguese here :

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