Friday, December 3, 2010

Edu Falaschi Japan : Angra's offstage photos around Loud Park Fest

From Edu Falaschi Official Website :

This October Edu Falaschi played two shows in Japan with Angra at the worldwide famous rock festival Loud Park 10. The shows took place in Kobe and Saitama cities on 16-17th of October and the band shared the stage with such great names as Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Motorhead, Edguy, Avenged Sevenfold and many others.

Edu Falaschi Japanese Blog has recently revealed a few exclusive photo galleries of offstage pictures made around the event in Kobe (a city not far from Osaka). Check out the following links:

  • Angra’s trip from Brazil to Japan:
  • Angra arrives to Osaka, free time at famous shopping malls:
  • Free time in Osaka:
  • Angra hanging around in Osaka after Loud Park 10: