Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Edu Falaschi / Angra, show Duque De Caxias : set-list, pics and videos

Here are the set-list, some pics and links of fan videos of the Angra's show at Recreativo Caxiense in Duque de Caxias /RJ, (Brazil), on December 12th !

** Set-list :
- Arising Thunder
- Angels Cry
- Waiting Silence
- Spread Your Fire
- Lease Of Life
- The Rage Of The Waters
- Heroes Of Sand
- Lisbon
- The Voice Comanding You
- Nothing To Say
- Rebirth
- Carry On
- Nova Era

** Pics by Thiago Motta on Multiply :

** Check out some fan videos of the concert (Waiting Silence, Awake From The Darkness, The Rage Of the Waters, Rebirth, Lisbon, Heroes Of Sand, Carry On/ Nova Era, Arising Thunder) on Mottafogo Youtube Channel