Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Official note about the 9th Angra's video and Edu's statement

MS Metal Press / Angra official note :

"Angra has recently finished the whole recording process of its seventh album and in parallel has uploaded one more chapter of the series related to this work.

The ninth chapter was registered at Norcal Studios – where the material has been recorded – during the forth week of work showing the performance of the guitarist Kiko Loureiro. “Edu has finished his part and now we will start to mix and master the CD. In this video the fans can see some guitar solos and also a statement from Edu telling his opinion about everything we’ve done”, said the artist.

The new Angra" record that is still untitled and will be produced by the members is planned to be released in the beginning of August."

Here the Edu's statement (taken from the video) about the new Angra's album.

Edu Falaschi : "We thought a lot about the album's concept, all the arrangements, everyone was very careful with everything, and that's why I said that this record is special, because of the care we put into it.Every detail, from the cover to the album title, the name of the song, the lyrics, the concept, taking care that all the lyrics are interconnected, they don't mix with each other, like each one writes about what they want and say "this is about this stuff", the songs are very clear on theme, they talk about. You will realize this when you start to read the lyrics along with the music. It's a record in which we worked hard and it's being done with lots of care and that's why i say that it's probably gonna be one of the band's greatest classic if not the biggest classic."

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