Friday, April 2, 2010

Neverland talks about the song performed by Edu Falaschi on "Ophidia"

The band Nerverland, who launched his 2nd album "Ophidia" on last 26th of March with AFM Records, talks about the song performed by Edu Falaschi called "Ashes To Fall" on AFM Records website :

Neverland : "Our final song with a guest singing (Edu Falaschi of Angra/Almah). The song is more progressive than many of the essences of this album. It is mid tempo with catchy choruses as well as really cool bass lines. It talks about the wars in Middle East, especially the ones in between Israel and Phalastines. It is from the eye of a 15 year old child, questioning why she had to die because of someone else’s greed."

I remind you that the song "Ashes To Fall" is in our playlist of the month, so you can hear it here and now !

For more news : AFM Records / Edu Falaschi Official Myspace / Neverland Official Webiste