Monday, January 11, 2010

Edu Falaschi : interview on "Tribuna on-line"

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Edu Falaschi gave an interview for the newspaper "A Tribuna" from Espirito Santo (Brazil) on last January 07th :

"A Tribuna : What the band is doing right now ?

Edu Falaschi : We are recording a new album, conceptual. You will have 10 tracks, but we don't spread the main theme for the moment. The release is scheduled for April. We are doing a quality work, our musicans are recognized in professional publications as references in music.

A Tribuna : The band split and came back with some changes. What happened ?

Edu Falaschi : Since 2000, we have grown a great deal. Tripled sales worldwide. In 2006 we released our last album, and saw that we had to stop and reform the band, and resolve outstanding issues. Today we have a career of almost 20 years, consolidated with success in Brazil and abroad, and we are recognized in the global scenario.

A Tribuna : Is there a revival of the fans?

Edu Falaschi :Today fans take their sons to go to the show. We also invite our families, (...). When we played in Sao Paulo, they come to see me. In Guarapari, we will present to the fans hits of our career and introduce the set-list for those who don't know it."

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