Thursday, January 7, 2010

Edu Falaschi / Almah : Almah European Fan-Club news

"On behalf of the all team of the Fan-Club, happy new year 2010 !

We hope that you spend with us a great year, which will be, for all the Almah's fans, rich in emotions, with the launch of the third studio album of the band planned at the end of year

Thank you all for your support;) Feel free to inform about the fan club, invite your friend to join us! It's up to you, Almah's fans, to give life to this fan-club all around the world ! Spread the word, help us to grow up and support this band of awesome musicians, who put all their energy, their heart and soul in their amazing music !

Here are the news of the month :

* The all Team of the fan-club is pleased to announce the opening of the "free zone", available for all users ;)

you have now an access to the latest news from the band, directly on the fan-club website, and the opportunity to register yourself to receive the lastest news by RSS-feeds ;)

The area also offers a directory with all the necessary links to the Almah's official websites, and also some metal websites links... This dynamic directory, can be improved by Fan-Club members only, which may provide links from their favorit websites or their personal websites !

* The Fan-Club invites you to answer to a short questionnaire to improve the quality of its services and meet your expectations ;)

It's very important for us to hear your point of view about our work, and take into account your suggestions and comments !

Thank you in advance for your participation !

* The all team of the Fan-Club is very pleased to introduce its new moderator, Stéphane Jeannin, musician (guitar/bass), which has written for your the "Golden Empire" tab and managed all "Golden Empire" playbacks tracks, available in Tabs section since last December 24th ! Welcome ;)"

The Almah European Fan-Club webmaster.

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