Sunday, November 15, 2009

Edu Falaschi : official statement about the cancellation of the Angra's European Tour

"Hi people, especially my dear Italian and Swiss fans, this is Edu Falaschi, I'm here to tell the truth about the cancellation of the Angra's tour in November! Some motherfucker is telling that I'm with a vocal problem! It's a fucking lie!!! The point is that the promoter who booked the tour doesn't pay the band, don't even buy the flight tickets and don't even sign the contract! Well, with less than a week to the beginning of the tour, this promoter told us that the tour would be cancelled! The band is very sad and still trying to save part of it!!! Thanks for you love and comprehension, we are planning a new album for early 2010 and promise you to make very nice concerts in your countries! Love you all!"
Edu Falaschi.

For more news : Edu Falaschi Official Myspace