Saturday, November 28, 2009

Edu Falaschi : Angra's news on Twitter

Edu Falaschi posted some news about the pre-production process of the new Angra's album, this morning on his Twitter Official :

Edu Falaschi: "Hi everyone, here is a pict taken" NOW "during our pre-production taking place in Felipe'shouse! O /".

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And here is a translation of the Edu Falaschi's official note about the new Angra's album, published on MS Metal Press :

"The band from Sao Paulo Angra finally finds himself in an advance state of composition of his next studio album, the "Aurora Consurgens" (2006) sucessor. This time, the singer Eduardo Falaschi accounts details of the project which has already a structure well defined.

Edu said :" I'm here to announce that Angra has already more than 10 songs in progress, these songs already indicated that we have a phenomenal album at least ! I have also shown four songs, some fast and quite technical, and two emotional ballads. I'm also working on five others songs, including more ethnic parts and heavier metal riffs", said grandiloquently the singer.

He continues :"I’m going to try to express how the new album is getting its shape. What became clearer day-by-day, is the Magic in these songs, the romanticism, the aura of the times of hope, the beauty and the finess in the melodies. The technique becomes a real ally of the passion, which permeates every harmony in its most sublime form! These melodies make the chest explode in this feeling of pride and joy. This is the new album of Angra!”

The new Angra's album, still untitled, is expected to be launch by the end of the first half of 2010."

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