Thursday, July 2, 2009

Edu Falaschi / Almah : "Torn" soundtrack of a Brazilian film !

To read the lyrics, click on the picture !

Official note from MS Metal Press :

"The band ALMAH was confirmed as one of the artists nominated to take part in a soundtrack of a national movie. Caça-Palavra is directed by Pedro Flores da Cunha with a screenplay by Álvaro Ramos, who has collaborated with TV Globo for more than 20 years writing soap-operas and series. The selected song was Torn, from the second studio album of the band – Fragile Equality –, that had excellent acceptance by the fans and musical press in the states where it was released.

The movie is a thriller that shows a tenuous line between the physical and spiritual planes and tells the story of an ancestral family that lives isolated in their home in a high mountain where the time does not pass until receiving the visit of the young and angelical Juliana that changes the routine of those people getting them involved in a dominion, dispute and seduction game.

Caça-Palavra lasts approximately 15 minutes and it is the first movie of the producer that is supported by Estúdios Mega to be finished and then exhibited in national and international festivals."

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