Friday, July 3, 2009

Edu Falaschi / Almah : news from Marcelo Barbosa

Marcelo Barbosa published some Almah's and Edu Falaschi's news on his Officiel English Blog !

"Hello folks!

Marcelo Barbosa is here to tell you about what’s going on. During the break in Almah work due to Edu and Felipe’s activities with Angra I’ve used this time for doing my other projects and things. [...] Also, I regularly meet Edu Falaschi who is a guest at my place right now. We are talking a lot about the new CD of Almah, showing each other many ideas, which, as we believe, would fit this new work. We will make pre-production of one or two songs during the next few days. Edu has already got much great music ready, and I find that it will be even more difficult to choose what will be included in the CD, what will not. [...]"

For more news : Marcelo Barbosa Officiel English blog