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** News of the month :

- Almah, sortie de Motion : Brazilian-based metallers Almah have announced that their new album Motion will be released on October 14th via AFM Records. The band worked on the new CD in São Paulo, Brazil at Norcal Studios in May-June 2011. The material was mixed and mastered at Split Second Sound Studios (Amsterdam, Netherlands) by Jochem Jacobs (Textures) in July. A brand new digital single will be available for online streaming in the beginning of September.

The release dates of Motion in other countries are the following :

- September 16th (Brazil / Laser Company),
- October 14th (Latin America / Icarus Records),
- October 19th (Japan / Victor JVC).

“I’m very excited to present our new work soon! – commented Edu Falaschi, Almah's singer - We are absolutely dedicated, each bandmember contributed to the basic parts, arrangements and songwriting. I’m really proud that this album will show the real language and personality of Almah! Motion is heavy, modern and up-to-date (maybe, the heaviest stuff I’ve ever recorded in my life). It’s powerful! Full of good energy! The instrumental parts are very solid and heavy. The vocal lines present my natural range and style, heavy and aggressive. It’s a kind of album to bang your head without non-stop! And I have a feeling that in the end it will be the best CD in my whole discography. At least, the one I like the most…”

- Almah, promotional tour in Europe and Japan : Brazilian musicians from the band Almah, Edu Falaschi (vocals), Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), will leave on September 10 for a promotional tour in Japan and Europe in support of their latest work, the album "Motion".
The trip of the artists will begin in Japan, and then will passing through France and Germany, where they will be featured in several broadcastings on TV and radios, magazines, webzines, in add to some acoustic performences closed to selected fans and media specialists.
Victor JVC and AFM Records, labels responsible for launching Motion in Japanese and European markets, are in charge of this whole promotrip organization, which will end on September 19.
"New Almah's album "Motion" will be launched first in Brazil through Laser Company on September 16, and then will be avalaible in Europe on October 14 and in Japan on October 19 via AFM Records and Victor JVC.

- Almah : first dates of Motion Tour : The launching show of the album "Motion" is scheduled on October 29/11 at Manifesto Bar in São Paulo (Brazil) ! You can now subscribe to RSS feed of the agenda of the Fan-Club to keep you informed about Edu Falaschi's dates !

- Almah studio report, bass recordings : Until the worldwide release of "Motion" next month, Fan-Club invites you to check out Almah's video report from the studio regarding the recordings of "Motion" bass parts ! Remember that video with English subtitles is available on Almah Official Youtube Channel ! To watch the subtitles, click on CC bottom right of the video !

- Edu Falaschi taks part in new anti-drugs campaing by Rock In Rio : Brazilian metal singer, composer, producer and arranger Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah) who is really famous by his active social position, participated in a new anti-drug campaign started by the organizers of the upcoming Rock In Rio festival. Edu was invited to record a song “I Go Without Any Drugs” together with a few stars of Brazilian popular music (MPB). The reportage about the video recording was broadcast yesterday by the biggest Brazilian TV, Rede Globo in the recent program “Jornal Nacional”.
Edu Falaschi became the only metal singer invited to take part in this campaign together with such outstanding names of Brazilian popular music as Milton Nascimento, Claudia Leitte, Rogério Flausino (Jota Quest), Sandra de Sá, Emicida, Toni Garrido (Cidade Negra), Ivo Meirelles, Rodrigo Santo (Barão Vermelho), Herbet Vianna (Paralamas do Sucesso), Di Ferrero (NX Zero). Edu Falaschi will perform with Angra at the upcoming Rock In Rio, one of the biggest and most important musical festivals not only in Brazil but in the whole world. The band will play on Sunset stage on 25th of September with a special guest, Finnish Metal Queen Tarja Turunen. With this significant performance at Rock in Rio Angra will finalize the current Worldwide Tour supporting the latest CD of the band “Aqua” (2010, SPV). After Rock in Rio Edu Falaschi will start a new tour of Almah dedicated to the upcoming album of the band, Motion (release date in Europe and North America: October 14th, AFM Records).

** Pics of the month :

- Almah, Motion Clip shooting : To celebrate the end of Motion video-clip shooting, Fan-Club offers you a new gallery of 36 pics of Almah's shooting !

** Videos of the month :

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