Sunday, May 1, 2011

Official Edu Falaschi Fan-Club : news of the month

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** News of the month :

- Almah enters the studio on Monday May 2th : Almah is currently finishing pre-production of the 3rd long-awaited studio album, follow-up of “Fragile Equality” (2008). As previously reported, the band will enter the studio (Norcal Studios, São Paulo, Brésil) on 2th of May and will start to record the drums. The line-up remains the same:
  • Edu Falaschi – vocals
  • Felipe Andreoli – bass
  • Marcelo Barbosa – guitars
  • Paulo Schroeber – guitars
  • Marcelo Moreira – drums.
The release of the album, as-yet-untitled, is planned for September 2011 worldwide.

Here are the latest news from the band posted on Twitter on April 30 by Edu Falaschi :

@Edufalaschi : Almah: The album is 100% ready to be recorded! I can't wait to show it to you !

- Edu Falaschi : new Official Twitter layout : Check out The new Official Twitter layout of Edu Falaschi design created by Joao Duarte (J.Duarte Design) in the style of the latest studio effort of the musician, Angra’s Aqua (2010). Joao Duarte is a well-known name in the rock&metal field due to his work with such bands and companies as Almah, Angra, MS Metal Press, Kattah, Torture Squad among others. Follow and check out all the actual and urgent infos about Edu Falaschi and his projects, read his posts about musical career, social position and life, do retweets and write your replies directly to Edu!

- Edu Falaschi : new dates with Angra : Edu Falaschi continues the Aqua World Tour with Angra. Here are the new dates scheduled for the next months :

* 14/05/11 - 23h30 - Show Angra - Presidente Prudente, SP, Brazil
* 21/05/11 - 17h30 - Show Angra - Buenos Aires, Argentina
* 22/05/11 - 22h00 - Show Angra - Santiago, Chile
* 11/06/11 - 21h00 - Show Angra - Suzano, SP, Brazil
* 25/09/11 - 02h00 - Rock In Rio Angra + Tarja Turunem - Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

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** New photo gallery : Fan-Club offers you this month a new photo gallery regarding the pre-production work and recordings of the new Almah's album ! This new gallery will be regularly updated !

** Videos of the month : Here are the latest videos from our gallery:

  • "Edu Falaschi producer" section :

- Artemis : choirs and screams sessions (prod. by Edu Falaschi)

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