Monday, January 24, 2011

Edu Falaschi : Carioca Anime 2011 (videos)

From Edu Falaschi Official Website :

“Anime e Tokusatsu Vídeos” presents the footage of Edu Falaschi’s presentation at “6 Years of Carioca Anime” (Carioca Anime 6 Anos) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event took place in “Casa das Beiras” in Tijuca region of the city on 8-9th of January and included concerts of renowned Brazilan musicians, contests for the fans of anime, anime fashion shows and other activities. The solo performance of Edu became the key event of the first day of “Carioca Anime”. No wonder, Edu Falaschi got his important place on the Brazilian anime stage a while ago due to his participation in “Cavaleiros do Zodiaco” (Brazilian version of “Saint Seiya”) soundtrack, including the hit intro for this famous Japanese anime movie, “Pegasus Fantasy”. During the show, Edu performed a few songs from “Saint Seiya” soundtrack and some Angra’s songs and also answered various questions of the fans. You can find the videos from the show at the official blog of “Anime e Tokusatsu Vídeos”.

** Videos of the show :

- Part 1 with the song "Saint Seiya" :

- Part 2 with the song "Nove Era" (Angra) :

- Part 3 with the song "Blue Forever" :

- Part 4 with the song "Rebirth" (Angra) :

- Part 5 : final ("Saint Seiya") :

** Edu Falaschi interview :

To watch some pics of the show, check out our post from January 9th:

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