Friday, June 11, 2010

Still Alive / Edu Falaschi : news from the studio

Edu Falaschi / Still Alive

MS Metal Press Official note :

"Still Alive, the band from Rio, with the producer Edu Falaschi (Artemis, Almah, Symbols) are at Norcal Studios (São Paulo, Brazil), since the last June 7, to record their debut album.

Experimented drummer Marcelo Moreira (Almah, Burning In Hell) was hired by the band to conduct drums sessions. "We are currently without a permanent drummer, and Edu Falaschi proposed to hire Marcelo Moreira to not delay the start of the recording process. All in the band are very pleased regarding the work in the studio ! In just two days Marcelo closed all the songs of the album, showing above all that he is quite technical, he is a very serious professional. Drums kill, very impressive, exatly as we wanted. We are now waiting next recordings sessions to be able to show all as this album is getting amazing", said the singer Walter Campos.

Still Alive will continue his work in the studio during the months of June and July, to record his debut album still untitled. Its launch is planned for the end of the second half of this year,in Brazil."

In addition, Still Alive promises on his official Twitter to spread soon some videos of Marcelo Moreira during the recordings sessions !

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