Monday, March 29, 2010

Still Alive talks about the production work with Edu Falaschi

Walter Campos, the singer of the band Still Alive, talks about their work with the producer Eduardo Falaschi :

Questions about the album :

How is the production of Still Alive's album going ?

Walter Campos : At the moment, the band finds itself in the end of the pre production.We have finished all the instrumental part of the album. And now we're taking care of the details, like the solos and voice melodies. We've managed to take care of each details of the songs, so that it would be a wonderful material, very well played, and we're also rehearsing all the songs, so that when we get to the studio, probably end of April, beginning of may, we can record the songs at the best quality and fast as possible.

How is it to work with Edu Falaschi ?

Walter Campos : Edu has been a very open minded person, a very professional guy, and he had a major importance for the band, in terms of knowing how to take the talents of each musician, and showing us how we could express ourselves in a better way. So, throught that we could find our identity.

What people can expect from Still Alive's abum ?

Walter Campo : People can expect a truly classic coming out. These are songs that really have a differential, songs that will innovate, the heavy metal scene nowadays, both in terms of compositions, as in terms of voice melodies. I can assure you that this albulm will mark the metal scene.

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