Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Edu Falaschi : producer of Still Alive debut album

MS Metal Press Official note :

The Band Still Alive continues the pre-production process of his debut album, still untitled, with the producer Eduardo Falaschi (Artemis, Almah, Symbols). The singer of the band, Walter Campos, released an official statement to update fans and press about the progress of their work.

"Hi true Heavy Metal fans

We finished a song called "Forgiven Secrets". it will probably open the album and upcoming shows on our tour. We are very happy with the Edu Falaschi's work. We wrote together the vocal lines of "Into The Snakepit", a song which will please the fans of pure metal from the 80's !

We closed the final meeting with Edu in Rio with the song "Human", which is being broadcasted on major radios in Brazil. This song suffered some minor modifications, both in the instrumental parts as well as vocal lines, and is simply killer. Edu gives us great tips and help us to make a better use of our ideas and develop the melody.

The result is getting amazing, and I, as singer, I'm enjoying the exploration of the best way of everything I do with my voice in terms of technique. I'm looking forward to see people reaction when the CD will be ready. We mixed all sounds that influenced us and took the best parts in order to find our own sound. This is a work made with heart. I hope we will impress the Brazilian Metal."

Walter Campos.

Still Alive debut album, produced by Eduardo Falaschi, is expected to be launched by the end of the first half of 2010.

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