Saturday, October 3, 2009

Edu Falaschi supports RAM institute

Photo : Marcelo Sellan

MS Metal Press official note :

"Edu Falaschi to support RAM Institute of Environment Re-education

Edu Falaschi has recently joined the circle of celebrities who support RAM Institute initiative regarding the environment protection. The problems of the environment occupy one of the top places in the list of so-called global problems and concern every country of the world including Brazil, one of the key territories in relation to the ecology with its Amazon forest, called “lungs of the world”.

RAM Institute of Environment Re-education (Instituto RAM de Reeducação Ambiental) is a non-profit organization created with a really ambitious but not impossible aim: to make people change their attitude to the environment problems, to convince them about their direct responsibility for the destruction of the environment where we live, to make them sure that we are able to improve a big part of this reality by changing our attitude to our normal every day activities. It may seem not such a big deal, but when it concerns the way of living, the word "to change" starts to get frightening.

The great advantage for the activities of RAM is to count on the support of renowned artists who join this battle led by RAM for the protection of the environment in Brazil. Thus, recently the Institute has got a support of one of the top names of Brazilian metal scene: EDU FALASCHI, the vocalist of Angra and Almah, a person who has always cared about social, political and civil life of his motherland, who is “hard” in his sound but “soft” in his heart. "

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