Thursday, May 14, 2009

Review of the concert at Via Funchal, Pics galleries and videos !

Here is an English translation (once again, sorry for my bad English ...) of the review of the Angra's concert at Via Funchal published on Musicao by Anderson Oliveira :

"The night of May 9 had an impact, not only for everybody present at Via Funchal to see in action the two greatest national bands, but also for the heavy metal national story. On stage, the two greatest reference of style in an outstanding tour, celebrating the come back of the most important melodic heavy metal band, Angra, after a hiatus of two years between legal battles and line-up change, is again the top reference of style, and Sepultura, with more than 25 years on the road, which recently released the album A-lex.

In a rainy night, with other great shows held in the city, the Via Funchal was not filled to its maximum capacity but well filled, black shirts, the night will be for the both bands, no place for a public rivalry, once a band 's name was sung, the name of the other one was already chanted, something that only heavy metal can provide.


It was nearly 22h00 when the curtains were opened to the huge logo of the last great Angra's album Temple Of Shadows [in fact, Aurora Consurgens],on background , the beginning couldn't be better, sound of the first notes of Unfinished Allegro, the public knew what would follow, Carry On, the greatest standard of the band beginning a concert expected by the public in Sao Paulo for two years.

Playing a tone lower, the Angra's sound is much heavier, with full interaction, the band, which has now Ricardo Confessori in its line-up, shown it's in full shape and has everything to occupy again the position from which it never should have left.

Nova Era succeeded to Carry On and put from the outset the two greatest standards of the band from its two different line-up, great attitude that made a great show, emphasis by the beautiful lights on stage. After the song, the singer Edu Falaschi thanked the public to be here, and began Waiting Silence, heavy and full of solos, song which please all. After that, Edu, whith a guitar, opened Heroes Of Sand, beautiful song incredibly received by the public, showing that after two years of break, fans are still loyals to the band as only could expected the greatest bands, so the set-list includes various phases of the band, and as result, they played the great standard Angel Cry.

Caronlina IV, an epic of almost 10 minutes is played then, and perhaps the only "but" in the set-list, as the show was shorter, it might be possible to replace it with two others standards of the band, but the performance was made with maestria and kept a great athmosphere. Some surprises in the set-list made the joy of the public, the first one was for sure Spread Your Fire, music with incredible difficulty and very fast, its performance was surprising in view of the band's break and was undoubtedly a demonstration that these guys are in good shape. Make Believe was another surprise because this song was not performed live for a long time, and was very well received. Bis are for two others great standards of the band, Rebirth, sung in unison by all the fans, and Nothing To Say, with an introduction on Drums, appreciated by any good music lover, leaving all stunned to happiness, yes, Angra is back !


The end of the night (it was 1h30 in the morning), was a true celebration of heavy metal, the two bands was on stage to play together, with the participation of a Korzus' member , another legend of the national metal, some rock standards for the joyfulness of the public, between them Immigrant Song from Led Zeppelin, Highway Star from Deep Purple, Paranoid from Black Sabbath, closed the night which will impress the metal national story."

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